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Pretzel Kaiser

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Apr 5, 2011

BGW won first for: Best Food and Christmas Event

It also placed in: Theme Park Crowds (3rd) and Best Employees (3rd)

I can't say I agree with BGW even being nominated for best crowds after some of the events this year, but maybe that's because I'm bitter and jaded.

What does everybody else think?
the crowds can be bad occasionally but i think they are okay most of the time. after all, most spring/summer days it is a fine crowd, large enough to be busy but it still is manageable. the only time the crowds get bad is 4th of july time, memorial day time, saturdays for howloscream, and saturdays for christmas town, and black friday. every other time seems okay.
I agree with food and Christmas event (which is a given since I have not been to another parks Christmas event), and park guests, I don't have problems with park guests anywhere. I don't agree with employees, the employees are not bad in any way, they just aren't anything special.
I thought the quality of the employees, particularly some of the food service employees was much worse this year, than in years past. Nothing against you employees up here, but I'd often go to get a quick snack or something and these kids look like they just absolutely hate their life. I don't get it, just smile. I've seen happier kids at McDonalds.
^ There's plenty of really nice, friendly people working at the park but overall, I agree that the quality has decreased. Also, nothing against the internationals, but please don't put people who don't know much English in a place where they have to talk to people constantly. When a whole line of people has to point to what they want because the guy can't understand any of them, there's something wrong. He may have been the nicest guy on earth but if I can't talk to him, what good does it do?
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most of the internationals have already studied some degree of english, granted not all of them are great with the language, they know more than your average international tourist.
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