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OMG, the slogan they used for Anaconda was "It Beats Everything." LMAO. When I read that, I just hear a monster truck commercial announcer voice.
Some serious old school delights in that vid! Too many to tap them all out on mobile.

But I do want to mention specifically that at about 7m:40s the camera man gets yelled at via PA system at Diamond Falls, because he has jumped the chain that serves as part of the pathway fencing and intruded into a guest-restricted area. No way he didn’t know what he was doing. As soon as he gets yelled at, he spins around for a hasty retreat back to the walking path. LOL. All for a not-much-better shot of a mediocre ride via murky 1980s-era camcorder.

Almost exactly 30 years ago. Very different times.
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