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Mar 13, 2014
I have both good and some bad to say about the 2 music events at Busch Gardens Tampa. First, my friends, family and I really enjoy them, but they could be better and had problems with them this year!
#1- Real Music Series. We know so, so many people who were unable to attend this event this year since they offered it on Tuesday - Friday, instead of past years on Wednesday - Saturday which gave the typical Mon-Fri workers the opportunity to see the shows on Saturdays. The new kiddie show is no excuse as parents who wish to see the kiddie show can come on Sundays. Many of us were very upset and rightfully so!

#2. Beer, Bands, & BBQ series. was pretty please with this event this year. Only complaint is being it's cooler temperatures at 5pm this event should start right after the Real Music Series instead of over lapping the 2 events. It's almost too much to combine them and why the need to? Now we will have to wait until next year before any more concert shows. Us fans of the park, and I talk to many to get their feed back too, all would rather the concerts series not be at the same time, but have one start after the other ends so it seems like more weeks of concerts during the year.

Well, today I signed up on this forum since I doubt that Busch Gardens really cares what us pass member want. Really, many of my group have talked to employees and all of us got some lame excuse. We are really bothered by the parks uncaring attitude about us members not being able to enjoy our passes as we should and we pay for! Very uncool Busch Gardens Tampa!
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