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Feb 9, 2013
Joe and I are proud to announce a new article series on Busch Dominion called the Bulletin Series! In a nutshell, this will be a seasonal-release series in which we outline all the events coming up during the outlined time, attractions opening, and important dates to remember. When I say seasonal, I mean seasons of the year, not park operating season. So, for Busch Gardens, there will be 4 Bulletin articles, and for KD, there will be 3 Bulletin articles per year, barring any changes. Our intention with these posts is to wrap all park happenings coming soon into one post so you can be able to best plan your visit based off the things you want to do and see.

This type of article series may sound a little familiar, and that is because it is roughly inspired by the old BGWFans article series, the BGW Almanac. We found a great concept in this formerly monthly series, but decided to alter it to seasonal and add a few other aspects. Many thanks go out to Zachary for, in a way, laying the foundation for this article series.

But without further ado, Busch Dominion is proud to present the first iteration of this article series, the Busch Gardens Spring Bulletin!

We hope you find this article as a good, informative resource. Joe and I would love to hear your feedback, what you liked, what you may not have liked and what you think could potentially be added. You can do that by posting in this thread, and/or PMing us your suggestion!
The second edition of the BD Bulletin, the Kings Dominion Spring Bulletin, is now available! The article follows the same format as BD's Busch Gardens Spring Bulletin, meaning it'll give you an all-in-one source for understanding everything to expect during the spring season at Kings Dominion.

As always, any feedback, suggestions, or criticisms are welcome! Matthew and I are here for you all, so we really want to know what the community thinks. If there's anything we can do better, or if you want to see more of what we've been posting, feel free to comment your ideas in this thread or PM us.
Oh no, looks like I have neglected this thread, but better late than never.

In case you have not already heard, both summer BD bulletin articles have gone live! There is still some very good content in both articles, and in case you need a refresh on all the things happening at both parks, I would suggest taking a quick look at both. Enjoy, and as always, comments and suggestions are always welcome by posting here or private messaging either Joe or myself. You can find the BD Summer Bulletins below:

BD's Kings Dominion Summer Bulletin 2016

BD's Busch Gardens Summer Bulletin 2016
Happy Brithday Matthew!!
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