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Apr 5, 2011
So BBLz is a very neat idea, it was rough experience though.  Keeping in mind the place opened a little more than a week prior, the wait for what we got was way too long.  The main wait was for the a register to open, which they only had one, was easily 20 minutes.  One thing to keep in mind is that this was not a busy day at all (most of the coasters were walk on) so I'm terrified about what this is like on a moderately heavy day.  For the sake of fairness the groups ahead of us were kind of large and indecisive, so that might have factored into the wait.  After placing the order, it was another 6-7 minute wait before the preparers started making our orders, and she was pretty efficient with our orders.  I started with the big negative aspect of our experience because I wanted to get it out of the way as a possible temporary issue.  


The actual attraction here is the desserts.  I had the Fizzy Flapjack and UncleDuncan had the Whip Scream Sunday.  Depending on what you order, most of the concoction is made fresh for you, so it's not just sitting for you. The exception to this is the various toppings that are on the straws on some of them.  The pancake and bacon for mine was prepared and waiting already so the pancakes were dry, for example.  Once prepared, I have to say that I thought the flavor combinations were pretty good in mine. The apple, maple, and chocolate worked really well off each other.


I do have a few nitpicky complaints which most people might brush off.  The first one is about the drizzle on the actual cups.  I don't really like to get messy when eating desserts, so the fact that they poured syrup on the bubble itself was annoying.  It's certainly not something I would like walking around the park with until I cleaned it up a bit.  Another complaint is the straw.  Mine came with chocolate chips in the drink itself, but the straw was not big enough to suck up the chips.  When I was done with the drink, I had to wash the chips out of the spherical cup (which didn't have a large opening to begin with) so I felt as I wasted chocolate and didn't get the full experience that the intended for he drink.


To sum up the experience, it was a very good dessert.  A nice sugary, unhealthy, but delicious dessert.  There are some issues that I wish they had more foresight about and I wish that getting this wasn't the longest wait we had all day, but I would totally try this place out again.
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