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Rode this for a third time yesterday. This time with my son and my nephew. They both loved it. When it opened at 11:30 there was no line. That's the way to ride it for sure. I like it more each ride and I'm getting more relaxed on it, but it's still pretty scary for me. I managed to relax my feet, mostly because before leaving the station I checked and saw there was no way my feet would be able to get past the restraints there because if I lift my feet up my knees they hit the main part of the restraint. Next goal is to not hold on. We'll see if I can manage it! Hopefully before the year is out.
Terrible ride. Is this your definition of interesting forces?

Batwing sucks pig balls (yes, specifically swine - and specifically genitalia). Go for the woodies. The Superman ride is ok, too.

Vekoma Flying Dutchman vertical loops are a drug and I’m an addict. I live in fear of the last two being taken away from me. In a few years, where am I going to get my fix?!
Man, I love Batwing. It's awesome. And at first was genuinely terrifying. Eventually I got over the feeling that I was going to fall out (mostly) and started to really love it. Had to get over that initial hump, though.
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Batwing is one of the very few rides that makes me a bit nervous each time I ride it.

Yeah it still feels a bit treacherous, but nobody has been thrown from it so that should make us feel content. It doesn't entirely though. I have yet to succeed at not holding on.
Sadly this was closed the entire time we were there yesterday. We did see them run a test cycle, but that's as close as it got. It might have opened later - I don't know. We left the park around 3 PM.
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Went to SFA yesterday and was really happy that Batwing was open. Still a scary ride and still super fun. The ops were relatively good as they had a full team with 2 staff per side of the train so they each checked restraints for half their side of the train. Still not fast, but better than times in the past I've ridden. Also the line was short, so that was great.
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