Which do you think is best and why?

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I have ridden all three. I have never been a big fan of drop towers. A lot of work for such a short ride. That said, I really like Falcons Fury. There are a bunch of reasons. First it is tall than the other two. It goes up slower than the other two so it plays with you mentally. Then when it gets to the top, it tilts you so your face down. The face down is not a big deal as when you feel your self sliding down in your harness if its a little loose. Not so much that you could fall out but it still quite uncomfortable feeling your self slipping towards the ground at 300+ feet off the ground. The drop is cool like the other two and since you swing out it adds a new component to the ride. The swing out might take away a little from the dropping feeling, but adds a little none the less. All and all the experience up and down make Falcon's Fury the best of the three for me.

If all that was not enough, the first time I rode this was at 11pm on New Years eve and there was about a 30mph wind. The shut down the ride at 33mph. On the way up, I could feel the entire tower sway and it felt like we were moving about 15ft back and forth when we got near the top. At that moment I was actually scared for the first time ever on a amusement park ride. The swaying while hanging so high was unnerving. It really got to me mentally. And then I slide down when in my harness when I tipped forward, freaking me out even more. That was the cooled flat I have been on. Super good ride.
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