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I got a chance to ride this yesterday and agree it didn't blow my socks off especially since I owe a vive headset at home. My only huge complaint is no great option for people with glasses. I'm blind as a bat and can not see father than half an inch in front of my face without glasses. I had to find a way to wear my mask with my glasses to enjoy the preshows and then i was unable to wear my glasses with the vive (which i do comfortably at home) so I had to watch the entire video blurry. It gave me a slight headache but I don't think that was equipment or motion related (just blurriness for an extended period of time). I know the gp will love this attraction though, it reminded me in so many moments of corkscrew hill. I just really wish there was an option for us people that rely on glasses.
There is the option to watch it on the classic screen, at least for those who don't want to ride it VR style.
I guess so. If only my mind and body wasn't busy preparing my upcoming NYC trip in May (I'm seeing the Lincoln Center Theater revival of My Fair Lady), then I would've rode this already. But at least June is the perfect time to ride it.
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With the ease of access to home VR and many absolutely incredible games and experiences available, you'd think BGW would have stepped it up a notch. Sounds like the majority of reviews are "meh", which is a shame.

Add me to that list. I was able to go on it, and I found the headset to be vastly inferior to my Oculus Rift at home. Also, I can comfortably wear glasses with the rift. As for the movie, it was as lackluster as my brother had told me. Seriously, there are free short VR animated movies available at home that I found to be infinitely more enjoyable. Another disappointment by BGW.
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I happened to like it. It's definitely nothing stellar, but I thought it was an enjoyable ride. The story is a bit weak, but it's not horrible. I thought the video itself was gorgeous, the colors were very eye-catching and I like the character design and animation.

Most of my complaints are from the VR masks. They didn't hurt me like they did others, but when I was looking at the screens it was very blurry unless I tilted my head up and looked down. I had to take the Vive off the magnets to position it correctly, which resulted in my arms hurting. Also I was starting to get motion sickness toward the end, but I've never experienced VR before so I might just not be used to it. Also it could stand to be longer, I thought the story was a bit rushed, especially toward the climax.

EDIT: The ride ops when I rode it were very enthusiastic, and were great and amping up the riders! Everyone was reacting to the video and clapped at the end. So if nothing else it seems that the general public likes it.

Also Lord Robert, if you have the time, I recommend checking out Waitress!! I saw it on my November trip and loved it.
I gave it another shot yesterday and, once again, the VR was off-centered—considerably less so than my ride on Friday, but still plenty noticeable. I also had flickering for the first 30 seconds or so.

Something I was VERY disappointed to see yesterday is that, at least on my ride cycle, the ride op in the theater never asked people to raise their hands if there were issues with their headsets before the ride started. He told everyone to put on their masks and immediately walked off the platform.

Leaving people who are experiencing headset problems to just put up with them isn't the solution—even Six Flags gets this part right with VR. These guests have waited in a lengthy line to experience the park's newest attraction—they deserve a working experience.
Zachary said:
Something I was VERY disappointed to see yesterday is that, at least on my ride cycle, the ride op in the theater never asked people to raise their hands if there were issues with their headsets before the ride started. He told everyone to put on their masks and immediately walked off the platform.
I have yet to have them do this on any of my rides, unless I just wasn't paying attention. I do remember sitting there with them on one ride an exceptionally long time with nothing happening and took them off and two attendants were looking at the seatbelt lock screen.

Nicole said:
I am probably in the minority, but I prefer EitA.

I agree I too liked EitA much better. For us it was a watered down version of Soarin which we love. We would always (when the crowd was small and we wouldnt bother others) recite the spiel from Patrick in the queue or preshow. It was our mini escape to Disney.....thanks for Soarin with us!
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When I ride it, I'll try both versions (VR and Screen) and I'll reserve my judgement until I experience it with my own eyes.
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That's my intent this weekend. My VR experience is limited to the Gear VR with whatever smartphone I am using this week. Grainy video is my primary complaint with it. Having reasonable (or no) expectation going into it is important I think, to make the judgment yourself.
Nope, nope, nope.

Yup tried it, I did not like any part of it.  I was able to wear the stupid thing over my glasses well enough, but that did not seem to matter, If I looked anywhere but dead center it was out of focus.  (as apposed to out of focus and slantty without my glasses.) Still that was a problem because the image was left shifted.  I found putting on my hat backwards and wearing the gear over the top and placing the brim through resulted in a much more comfortable experience.  However still none of that mattered.

I would say that found the story insipid at best and culturally offensive at worst.  However there was not enough plot or story for that much of an in depth analysis. The tech is clearly not mature.  The ride itself barely moved.  (remember Larry meant said that we had barely seen what the ride could do)  The audio balance was terrible, and that is inexcusable.   Most of the time I could hardly hear the dialog over the music.  If this were live I would cut the engineers some slack, but since this has been done in a studio, no excuses.  Just sloppy production.

The animation was...  Bad.

Oh... Cyclopces are Greek not Irish.

I have never been sick on any ride.  I have very rarely been uncomfortable enough to complain.  This thing gave me a fucking migraine.  I suspect this had more to do with the optics than anything.  Fortunately it went away quickly.  (that and donuts...)

I rode EitA one time.  I said then to my sister, "I want my 10 minutes back."  I want my 20 minutes of waiting and 7 minutes of torture back.

I would rather have King Aurther's challenge back.

I can not think of any reason, short of taking someone to the park for the first time and going with them because they want to try, that I will EVERY go back on this as it is. They will have to change the tech, story, and ride performance before I willingly participate.

Until today I have never disliked a ride at BGW. I actively dislike this one.
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Zimmy said:
 The ride itself barely moved.  (remember Larry meant said that we had barely seen what the ride could do)
That is what ive been saying, its like they did the complete opposite of "unlocking the full potential of the ride platform" as Larry Giles kept saying. All previous versions you either held on to the armrests at least loosely, or braced yourself with your legs slightly as to not get slung from side to side and into the seatbelt. BfE is like adjusting your power seat in your car, smooth and slow.
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I was there today, had two rides on BFE, it’s a great experience but not enough motion in my opinion
I rode Eire on Friday, didn't have any issues with motion sickness or the VR going on the fritz. Found the entire thing rather cheesy and very short for an indoor attraction. I feel I spent more time waiting for everyone in the ride group to secure their helmets than experiencing the actual ride.

I don't quite understand how the VR headsets can have blackout or motion issues when they're hardwired into the ride vehicle itself, unlike the Six Flags and Cedar Fair VR headsets which communicated with a central computer at the rides for calibration. Unless Eire is using that same procedure and the wiring is just to supply power to the headsets. The employees weren't exactly knowledgeable with how the VR worked for Eire when I went.
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