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Jul 10, 2011
Wasn't this held at BGW at one point? What happened to it?

I know the one's down in Florida are AMAZING...
It is a shame...because like I said down in Florida they still bring in great BBQ places, some good breweries, and some solid bands.
I enjoyed the bands that they had at this festival. The last time they had it was in 2009 with The Oak Ridge Boys and 38 Special. It was called Bud and BBQ then.
Too bad we cant have this event again, Florida has a really good line up this year. the park makes money off of concerts because people go to the park specifically to see the shows. They really seemed to cut back on the amount of concerts they have. BGT has way more.
Well, BGW probably creates less income than BGT, and therefore only budgets for a handful of artists which are only somewhat recognizable, with the exception of a few.
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