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Apr 1, 2010

I don't have time for full trip report so this will be a trip blurb. You can sync the verbiage to the slideshow that starts with the Band, Brew & BBQ sign.

This weekend was the Band, Brew & BBQ event being just that. With the grill right where you can see it all happening. About the same sample size and quality of the food event earlier in the year. The local beer selection was around 8 beers, none of which I have heard of. A local band was on the outside stage beside Harmony Hall. Nice to see local talent but these guys were nothing to write home about. Apologies about the cloud cover photos being dark. I'll go back with time and correct them.

The Big Splash 2016 teaser crate. They add an item to this every few days. These are suppose to be clues to the water park expansion that cost us Thunder Road. Which, BTW, doesn't even have it's foot print touched by the expansion. They could have done the Kings Dominion path-through treatment instead of demolishing it. Hopefully, some ride will occupy this space and it won't just be sacrificed for another pool or volleyball court. Yes, those are being added. As well as an additional separate water park entrance.

So, you think BGW shows are slim? If if isn't a kiddie show, Carowinds shows don't even start until 3pm. The Carolina Theater show doesn't start until 4pm and only has three performances. The others shows are even later. I was shocked but regardless glad that they had ANY shows again. "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" is a 60's review with minimal staging and effects. Not stunning in performance or choreography, but entertaining enough. The gals sang very well while the guys struggled. It was funny hearing some of the same songs from "London Rocks" being performed normally. BGW could learn a bit from this show, even if it was about college level overall, in my opinion. A nice touch was that the theatre had state flags on either side of the house. "Kickin' Country" is a backing track revue with 3 live musicians and 4 vocalist performing very modern country songs in front of a screensaver. Not the worst, not the best. A typical Cedar caliper show. The other shows that didn't start until 8 pm, and later, looked like street party material. We opted out for an early drive home.

The standout entertainment here is the Carowinds Brass brigade, I can't say enough good things about them.

They have characters roaming the park that are a Mayor and his daughter as well as a street magician by the name of Dewey Cheatum (get it?). We liked this guy's act quite a lot.

Some bushes or fences seem to have changed from my memory. You can practically reach out and touch Afterburn in some spots. A shot of Timmy and Harmony Hall from the Skytower.

A new shirt with a logo that combines some of the remaining coasters was sighted. Some coasters represented better than others.

The fan built model of the old entrance is complete. This thing is massive and took a ton of work. Nice of the park to recognize it's past and their fans like this. This display is around 6' x 6'.

If you have $30 to spare you can score one of these Nanocoaster models of Fury 325 or Thunder Road.

South Carolina still has their Tax Free Weekend and Carowinds not only honored, but advertised it.

SCarowinds setup has begun in the background with Zombie High the most visible.

Finally, Thunder Road. Carowinds had been selling memorabilia like pieces of wood and posters, but only these memorial signs were visible this weekend. She is still standing but the signage at the entrance and and top of the lift are gone. Oddly, it seems only a section of the entrance ramp has been removed thus far. You can see it, or not, right behind the chain link fence set up at the entrance. A fence has been added in the parking lot and heavy machinery is on-site. (Edit: Now, some of the last photos of Thunder Road standing.)

Other than that, the usual non-caring employes and ridiculously slow load times on all rides excerpt Fury 325.

Video to come...

EDIT: Thunder Road has since began demolition.
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