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Sep 23, 2009
As predicted, Banbury Cross is screwed. As I've been hinting for months, the current plans are to retheme it after 1960s London.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
The entire English village inside Busch Gardens is getting a makeover to go with the new show. [...] Outside, the village will be decked out with new life and energy that embraces the roots of rock-n-roll with feelings of love, hope and freedom. “Guests will feel the thrills and excitement of being rock stars in the heyday of rock-n-roll London as they walk through Busch Gardens’ English village,” Gasparich said.

I'm terribly sorry to be sharing this news, I really am. When I heard about it a while back, I was literally nauseous for days. Even now just thinking about it is soul-crushing. Welcome to the new Busch Gardens. We're completely f***ed.
RE: England Renovation/Update

Haven't I already covered this? :p


The "New" England.



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RE: England Renovation/Update

No. I love England, and Union Jax was already pushing the boundary this year. I can't stand this anymore. The minute we get hope that the park could do great things and reverse the path that their on, they go and announce something like this. I will be making a lot more visits to Kings Dominion Next year. It's just so sad now I feel like balling my eyes out right now. There's no more charm anymore it's pathetic. In 2015 I don't think I'll be able to visit BGW anymore. Okay now I'm really crying.
RE: England Renovation/Update

Kings Dominion is looking like really good park now. I for one can't wait for Next year's Kings Dominion, but at the same time I'm dreading next year's BGW. When did it come to that? I expect a lot of people will not be renewing their passes this year. I think there's a chance I might be one of them.
RE: England Renovation/Update

Well I don't want to call out anything as horrific just yet until I see what they end up actually doing. Concepts change greatly when they are actually applied. I think we can look at Terror-tories for this. They didn't come out as planned in the concept, but were still acceptable.

With England, the concept may be horrifying, but when put into action, it may end up half decent?

I am only throwing out what ifs at this point. I am not going to make a decision so quickly and rashly.
RE: England Renovation/Update

No, things are always better in concept than they are in execution. Always. Seriously, like I said nearly a year ago, trust me on this one. If there's enough money to buy blue and red paint, Banbury Cross as we know it is no more. Simple as that.

This has been on Scott's backburner for ages. For a while there, it looked like the money wasn't going to pan out or someone slapped an ounce of sense into the man's skull. Clearly that's not the case.
RE: England Renovation/Update

JuniorBGWfan28 said:
Party Rocker said:
With England, the concept may be horrifying, but when put into action, it may end up half decent?

Half decent... Is that what passes in Busch Gardens Now? Half Decent used to be shameful for the park.

I was just pointing out that it may not be a totally horrific disaster.
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It has been confirmed? This stinks. I wish there was another entrance to the park so I could avoid this. And BTW Carl is allowing this how?
JuniorBGWfan28 said:
It has been confirmed?

Yup. Updated the first post with the official quote and source.

JuniorBGWfan28 said:
And BTW Carl is allowing this how?

Because Carl has no idea what the park looked like before Scott. He's completely ignorant to what the park once was or what it has the potential to be. It's time to clean house in upper management.
Jesus H Christ, this just about does it. I give up.

This move is so mindbogglingly stupid it actually is causing my brain to twinge in pain. How are you going to change a village designed to be a village for the sake of scope into a metropolis, totally out of timed theme, just for fun? This is actually it for me. This is the last straw.

I can't even use words right now.
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