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Sep 28, 2009
Rock'n with the B-52's​
A Fantastic Start To Busch Gardens Summer Concert Series​

Today was a highly anticipated concert for me. Growing up in the 80's, it was hard to miss the unique sound of a band called the B-52's. Technically, the band was labeled "New Wave" in the 80's. Yet if you asked me, I would say they have more of a retro-60's beach-bop sound than New Wave. But who am I to argue people who categorize music for a living?

The original singers Fred Schneider III, Cynthia Wilson, Catherine Pierson, and guitarist Keith Strickland were all were in great form tonight. Playing newer tracks such as their 2008 single Funplex mixed in with some classics like Loveshack and Roam; the band had the crowd up and on their feet. I was trying hard not to get carried away with their fun party beats and failed miserably. I played air drums and danced around like a loon for most of the concert.

The gals in the band dressed in their standard beach-mini dresses and vintage style hair. Good ol' Freddie sported a very interesting yellow pleather get-up. I was amazed that Fred Schneider could actually handle those pants in the hot-humid Virginia weather; which by the way, reached about 96 degrees in the Festhaus Park; aka "Field of Steams". But ~ I suppose since the band originates from Athens, GA, this sauna is nothing new to them. All in all, I would say about 600 fans were really enjoying the music despite simmering like "Rock Lobsters" in a pot.

Speaking of lobsters, the entire concert was just over an hour and the crowd called the band back out for an encore. I had purchased a little plush "lobster", which came in handy when I waved it to the beat on their final encore song Rock Lobster; um...surprisingly enough.

The final bow concluded and the crowds quietly dispersed. As the sun started to set, the weather cooled. With pleasant breezes rolling in, everyone left with a great day of music and IllumiNights Celebrations.



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Chris, is there a certain place to write reviews of concerts? I wasn't sure when I posted this here. Thanks.
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