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Sep 23, 2009
After the longest BGW offseason in history [citation needed], it seems like a good time to have a socially distanced, mask-enforced BGWFans meetup! If there’s any interest, register it here. If enough people want to get started recognizing other forum members by their eyes and masks to justify it, we can work out a place and a time for a quick (re)introduction and maybe a socially distanced Loch Ness ride.
You know Parkfans are making me want to go to a membership more than the actual park is.(but cant justify the cost rn unfortunately, especially since im about to be in Florida again for a while)
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If memory serves me correctly, you need four people to operate Apollo. Controls, two on the loading side, and on the exit side. I did notice what looked a foot pedal at the post on the loader side for the back row. That would have been nice to have when the ride first opened.
While I would love to rock my faded 2012 BGWFans shirt and go ride some rollies with everyone, I unfortunately could not secure a reservation for the 5th. I'll definitely be visiting a few times throughout the season, so if anyone else is in the same boat, it could be fun to create some sort of mega-thread for arranging meet-ups throughout the event.
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