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May 30, 2013
Does anybody remember the show a few years ago where "Dig it up" is now?

A guy on stilts would spend ten to twenty minutes painting a really recognizable picture upside down, and you couldn't figure out what it was until he flipped it over.

Best show I've ever seen at BGW because it was different every time. I never missed a performance
RE: Italy Painter

Yeah, I loved Art Attack; they actually sold the paintings across from the Theatre, I believe.
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Definitely not there in 2012. It was my favorite show. So much better than the band they have playing there now IMO.
Where was this show? I know you said it is where "Dig It up" is now, but I forgot where that was.
Here are some videos of the show.
Here is the halloween version:
Here is the regular version:
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