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Mar 26, 2011
I was poking around and stumbled on this thread over at TPR. I hope this hasn't been posted before, and I apologize if it has.

If you scroll down to about the 6th post, you'll see scans of Arrow's Marketing brochure from the 70's. Included in these scans are some really awesome construction photos of the LNM.

Also, on this page, probably about 3/4 the way down, there is an Arrow catalog with a bunch of prototypes.

About halfway down, you see near perfect scans of a BG:TOC book that was out before LNM came around. I actually just lost a hard copy of this on eBay after not wanting to above 30 bucks, so I'm thrilled to find it here.

For good measure:

BBW Promo Video aka Where's the Grass?-

LNM Promo Video aka 70's Coaster P0rn-

DF Promo Video aka The One That Got Away-

Bill & Ted's (Minus One) Excellent Drachen Fire Adventure:

Edit: One more!
Kid's World: LNM aka Break Out the Height Stick!

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