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Dag nabbit!! I loved the saxophone part (partly because that is what I play). I'm really glad their back though!! Time to eat crepes and watch the village band. YUM!!
Yippee!! This band is the reason I am fond of the idea of village bands.I'm glad they have returned!
Zachary said:
The Aquitaine Village Band is back! No saxaphone this year which is a bit sad, but it's nice to see the stage being used nonetheless. Video coming soon.

No sax? That girl was beautiful. Oh well. At least some form of it is back.
SO glad to see them back. I think the clarinet makes up a little bit for the absence of the sax. Either way, they're very good. However, I'm thinking they may have to re-do the stage, after people sitting, walking, and moving pots all over it throughout this spring, it's not looking so good. They may need to re-finish the wood, and replace a couple pieces of it.

Connor said:
Trombone would jazz things up. I bet it's going to be something like a trumpet.

The trumpet is already there, it's a bass which is like a huge violin that's being added. Or at-least hopefully, because if there's more trumpet than there is already, it would just be too much.
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You can't really predict which instrument will replace the saxophone because literally every instrument can be a jazz instrument, though the popular ones are sax, trumpet, bass, and drums. It would be cool if the added drums, but it would a pain in the butt to set up. What if they add voice?
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