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I was (again) being creepy last night, and I was doing a google maps street view tour of the park (I do this when I'm bored, so everyday!) I got to the point where I was in France. I was across from Bella Cafe or Cafe belle, I can never remember. :) I looked over by the other entrance to RPT and I saw the patio area where viola was performed. I thought to myself (no, not what a wonderful world :p) "With the new patio area, this one is a peice of garbage. They should build a building there with air conditioned, indoor seating. Not only will it add another (much needed, in my opinion) building in the village, and it will be another place to sit in AC."

So that's what I think they should do. :)
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I agree. For the first time since the opening of Griffon, I feel like Aquitaine has had some life breathed back into it. However, I still think the area looks way to bare. Ironically, the reason they removed that building in the first place, was for the Illuminights parade. Then, after they did that, they decided they would do away with the parade. What a waste.
That building used to sell pearls and other fine jewelry, just in case anybody cared to know that :p

I was tol it wasn't so much the parade but just general bottlenecking, which is extremely true. No matter what time of the year, that pathway was extremely narrow, and now it is easier to get through.
Maybe instad of building a building, they could just theme that patio like the other one. Maybe not with grapes and stuff, but they could make it more, how you say, French. :) (One MAJOR example, get rid of the tacky yellow umbrellas!)
Party Rocker said:
That building used to sell pearls and other fine jewelry, just in case anybody cared to know that :p

^^Yeah! We honestly loved that store. I got a beautiful dolphin bracelet from that store.:heart: They always carried the Wyland art which I loved. Sad to see it gone really. :(

Edit: Does anyone know what in the world that purple thing is? I'm just finally seeing a picture of it and it looks like something from Aladin. haha! :D
Its one of these:!i=21481259&k=xpLCDzP&lb=1&s=A
They are all over Paris. They are called Morris Columns
Why could the park not post actual park ads on this thing? They love to advertise in queue lines and other areas of the park, why refuse to advertise here?
Because we freaked out when they so much as added promotional TV's next to Wolf Haven. Imagine our insanity if/when they start posting Quick Queue ads onto this weird thing everyone already hates!
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