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I was at WCUSA today and the ride’s presence was definitely missed. Aquazoid’s tower has such a looming presence over that entire corner of the water park, and it’s the only ride which has thematic elements (the big movie billboard) that extend way past the ride itself (or at all, really).

Aquazoid is an incredibly unique ride- themed, embedded in the landscape, and extremely long for a raft slide. I consider it WCUSA’s signature ride, so I really hope it gets the TLC it needs and sticks around.
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Well that gave me nightmares. I was looking through google images of Water Country and then I noticed something. Look at the background. It's a giant piece of theming! My parents told me Aquazoid always had theming but I didn't know that a giant prop was missing. It might seem like a small thing but look at that! It's huge! I really wish they kept this because this ride has barely any theming.

Boy, @Connor, do I have a treat for you my friend.

I've been searching for YEARS trying to find photos of the original comic book-styled themed structure that Aquazoid originally travelled through. I had faint memories of it from my childhood, but as far as I'm aware, no photo has ever made it online.

Well, @Travis... pointed out to me today that Henderson (long-time contractor partner for BGW) recently updated their website. I went digging, found the Water Country USA page, and... holy shit.

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@Zachary, you are a GOAT.

It’s pretty wild thinking about the sheer size of that lone theming element compared to how long it lasted, it's practically the same height as the slide tower. I wonder why it was removed so soon? Or even when it was removed? Maybe the image was fading too fast from the sun and it was deemed too costly to upkeep? I started going to WCUSA in the early 2000s and have no recollection of this particular theming element ever existing, so it had to be removed sometime within its first few years of operation. Great find!
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