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Sep 10, 2012
I didn't have my GPS in the water, but this appears to be the biggest, longest and tallest slide in the park. It can be very intimidating just climbing the tower stairs to ride this thing. You can get quite a workout to have a little fun. This was emphasized a lot because there was no line and we didn't have the usual stop and go traffic for 30+ minutes that we usually go through. My daughter was a bit scared to ride at first, but after a little deal-making, she got on and LOVED it!! Now she can't wait to ride it again (as these things tend to go).
Anyway, this thing is a BLAST to ride and my favorite slide in the park!!

Check out this video:
*I was really hamming it up because my little girl was nervous about riding it.
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Aquazoid is an awesome ride. It's probably my favorite ride in the park. The lights streaming overhead are really neat; plus the dark is very disorienting and makes Aquazoid one of those rides where you can't stop laughing all the way through it. :)

Even though I've rode it a thousand times, the quick drops and turns still get me. Plus, unlike, Vanish Point, it's exhilarating, but doesn't leave fifty scratches on your back.
a couple of years ago I seem to remember they turned off some of the effects, but last season, the LEDs and everything were back.
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Well that gave me nightmares. I was looking through google images of Water Country and then I noticed something. Look at the background. It's a giant piece of theming! My parents told me Aquazoid always had theming but I didn't know that a giant prop was missing. It might seem like a small thing but look at that! It's huge! I really wish they kept this because this ride has barely any theming.
Connor said:

It might seem like a small thing but look at that! It's huge!

How insulting. That man never did anything to you, Connor. :p

Anyway, thanks for sharing! If I remember correctly, Aquazoid's queue area was at one time filled with billboards and props which actually revealed a story. Other than the the one remaining billboard by the ride's splashdown, there is nothing to tell of the ride's rather elaborate backstory, which is extremely unique among waterslides. It's not even apparent anymore, but the slide is actually themed to a 1950's mutant monster movie, which is supposedly about the mutant monster Aquazoid battling Super Duck (which I assume is a nod to the park's supposed mascot, "WC"). The fiber optic light effects projected on the ceiling during the ride was at one time supposed to represent the battle between the two (in actuality they look like nothing more than a bouncing ball).

There are so many interesting details the park holds that just need a little emphasis to greatly improve the experience.
I've always thought they should add some interactive set pieces that involve water in the line during those hot and long lines in the summer. Perhaps some interactive games in the line that tell a story?
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I swear I remember this coming out in like 2000 or 2001, I was just trying to find hard evidence of the opening date.
according to the information i gleaned, a motor has malfunctioned (i was told it was "blown" specifically) and that there is no estimated opening time for the ride yet.
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