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Yeah.. I'm not so sure about it as a viable attraction. I just found it too weird not to post about.

Also, how cool are these Euro parks with their doors and badge system. They've really figured out how to minimize staffing on these slides.
Isn't the whole point of a water slide to get wet? This gets your feet wet, I guess.
Germany doesn't have best track record with regards to their citizens well being. (I promise I'm joking)
Did a little bit more digging on AquaMagis.

The park looks like it specializes in innovation.

Check this out.

The second slide in the video. Holy crap. An airboat water slide???

And the third? A visual illusion slide? Notice where it looks like you're going to go straight and then turn or drop.

Wow. I sorta really want to go to Germany now.

@The Quist @Joe

Seriously that airboat powered slide looks like the most intense waterslide ever.
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