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Apr 7, 2014
Here's a trip report that is long overdue. It had some technical difficulties with my computer and I couldn't upload all the photos at one time. On this particular day I was with my mother and was able to stop, notice, and photograph much more than I am usually able to when I'm with my older brother. So here are just some of the things I noticed throughout the park and some photos I took.

Roll out the Barrel--My overall opinion of this show: Meh. The singing was good from what I could hear. The Alpine brothers were good as well. The plot was EXTREMELY predictable, even for a BGW show. There was nothing about this show that really stood out and grabbed my attention. At least London Rocks has the WOW factor. But this show lacked that. I wouldn't go to the Festhaus just to see this show.

Verbolten--There is still missing theming in the queue and it's starting to look tacky. Also, the stickers on the sides of the trains looked different. There is a pic below for reference. Has there always been a black border around the letters? Am I just late?

Curse of DarKastle--I am extremely disappointed in how much the quality of this ride has fallen. The trees in the beginning weren't talking, and I even saw the "out of the chimney" scene PLAYING while we were still in the furnace. This ride is also starting to look plain tacky, but it has it worse than Verbolten.

Rhinefeld--The clock was working and looking nice. There is also some kind of fencing (for lack of a better word) on one side of the Rhinefeld-New France bridge. Can anyone explain.

Aquitaine-The new fountain was not working


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The castle scene plays while your in the chimney as another "sleigh" goes through that scene. There is a curtain that is supposed to block the screen but due to technical difficulties it won't function properly.

The new fountain in Aquitaine has been very unreliable since the weekend it was put in. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it should be fixed, and soon.
DarKastle's fountain has been broken all season, as well as the fans in the queue. Seems the maintenance department has been getting lazy.
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I can agree with you on DarKastle. On my trip March 29th it completely got backed up during the final scene. We were stuck hearing the audio from the carriage in front of us and staring at a blank screen; as ANOTHER carriage pulled up behind us waiting to start that scene.
Not to mention the pre-show is just a plain screen playing a cycle of snow falling. I miss this ride and it's opening season charm.
Very disappointing indeed.
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Mad Ludwig said:
There is also some kind of fencing (for lack of a better word) on one side of the Rhinefeld-New France bridge. Can anyone explain.

It's there to try and "hide" the work going on over at Le Scoot. Like the construction mesh that was put up by the Bumper Cars when Verbolten was being built. It's always put up during HOS when the ride is closed and CMT. Or at least for the past few years.
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What I do not understand about the fencing is why just the one side. The flume is still on both sides, and there was quiet a good view of the re tracking on the open side.
Most guests don't look down over the side- just out towards Alpie. If a guest isn't looking for something, the lattice actually does a very good job of hiding all the work they'll doing.

That said, I question whether or not it makes sense to spend a ton of money completely overhauling an original attraction without telling anyone. Put up a few signs and suddenly it's good press for the park.
Totally agree. All they need is a few "Please pardon our dust" signs and and everyone will get excited that Le Scoot is being refurbished. It seems like a cheaper solution than the lattice fence and could draw in visitors, as well.

Once again, where is the "austerity?"
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