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[split] Project 2018: Twisted Timbers

Looks like ricochet is getting repainted after all, I don’t know if green and brown suits the area but we’ll see on opening day. Pavers look good too. Video from @worldofjohn on YouTube.


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RE: Richochet

I love it. It looks like the green, brown, and orange color scheme is going to tie Ricochet to Twisted Timbers' orchard theme, and I totally dig it.

Ricochet has been long overdue for a facelift, and the new color scheme looks so much livelier. Here's to hoping the cars, with their early 2000s-era smiley face design and Paramount logo, get a redo as well. (Although the slime green and bright orange palette totally screams Nickelodeon.)

This shiny new paint scheme really reinforces that the park is going all-in on revitalizing this long-neglected area of Candy Apple Grove.
RE: Richochet

This is being renamed to "Apple Zapple".
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Apple Zapple turned out to be so much more than a repaint.  It was turned into what most people thought was impossible, the perfect narrative driven coaster experience.

Let's start with the queue because that's where the AZ experience starts.  There is no physical queue any more and has been replaced with a virtual queue in the form of a plastic Apple.  While you wait for your turn, you are invited to wait in a spacious climate controlled building.  Here you have several options of entertainment while you wait.  Browsing around the area, I noticed that guests had the chance to visit a dance club, a zen garden with licensed massage therapists, and a wine bar with a sommelier.  Once it's your turn, the Apple opens up to show a small animatronic work which acknowledges your name and tells you it's time when you're done with your current activity.

The preshow was a tad long at five minutes, but it was worth it for what must have been a Kuebrik level tale.  A family of Anthromorphic Raccoon Apple farmers as they deal with the modern industrial farming industry, the safety of GMOs, and the arrival of gentrification in Candy Apple Grove.  This serves as the first act in what becomes a much more riveting narrative.

The layout of the ride has not been changed.  However the track has been replaced with superconductor magnets which eliminate physical contact between the train car and the track.  This allows the car to rotate 360 around the track.  As you take the first corner, you are at a 90 degree angle and gain speed as you slip through the turns contrary to all known coasters that have ever existed.  There are even times where you do a full corkscrew around the track.

The crazy part is actually when you're heading back into the station, you actually jump off the track over the station and back into the cycle again.  You do this three more times facing various directions before returning to the station when the ride is over.

While all this is happening, the plot of the story is still happening all around you.  Instead of just using projections or animatronics, a new form of augmented reality is used.  The train beams lasers directly into the riders' eyes.  Combined with head tracking and 3D sound, it appears as you are in the world with this family of raccoons.  This follows through the final two acts before reaching the end.  As you're waiting to be released a music number featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda plays all around you.  Once you disembark, you are given a monogrammed hot towel and a bottle of water.  

It might have been a silly name, but it makes sense once you've experienced the narrative.  I feel bad for ever making fun of it now.  In a million years I would have not expected a wild mouse to bring me to tears of joy after riding it.  This was a brilliant move to hide the true nature of AZ and to tie TT into this.  There is simply no way any other coaster can come close to this in our lifetime.  I will now give myself a credit for all coasters.  Not just all current coasters, but all defunct and future coasters as well because this is the pinnacle of anything mere men can accomplish.

Maybe I am the last person to have figured this out, but I just realized a possible source of the name “Apple Zapple.” It was the name of a Beatles record label.

From Wikipedia:

Apple Records is a record label founded by the Beatles in 1968, as a division of Apple Corps Ltd. It was initially intended as a creative outlet for the Beatles, both as a group and individually, plus a selection of other artists including Mary Hopkin, James Taylor, Badfinger, and Billy Preston. In practice, by the mid-1970s, the roster had become dominated with releases by the former Beatles as solo artists.

... Zapple Records, an Apple Records subsidiary run by Barry Miles, a friend of McCartney, was intended as an outlet for the release of spoken word and avant-garde records, as a budget label.[9] It was active only from 3 February 1969[10] until June 1969; two albums were released on the label, one by Lennon and Ono (Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions) and one by Harrison (Electronic Sound).

If there is a correlation, it would be a clever and subtle nod to the previous rock n roll theme of that area.
Apple Zapple is... Ricochet. The new paint has made it ever so slightly smoother. The new color scheme and signage is cutesy and appropriate for the area. Hopefully, it gets some merchandise...
Aside from renaming this to fit the theme of the area, I think part of the decision behind this name might have been pronunciation. A lot of employees hate this ride for whatever reason and some deliberately pronounced it with the last syllable being an expletive. I heard that one a lot.
Thomas said:
Apple Zapple is... Ricochet. The new paint has made it ever so slightly smoother. The new color scheme and signage is cutesy and appropriate for the area. Hopefully, it gets some merchandise...

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