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Mar 30, 2010
I noticed that all of the Apollo's Chariot signs say "Apollo Chariot". Anyone know what's up with that?
I think it is just a typo...if you look closely you should see an apostrophe right after the O
Yea, I think it just says Apollo on a couple signs. I see the logo on the photos you print out that says Apollo's. Just thought it was weird that the sign is wrong.
My 9 year daughter old didn't like it after riding it last Monday (of course it didn't help it was her first time on it and it was raining), the rest of the week her 5 year old sister would pick it out by color on a park map or when we first pulled in and state, that's the ride Maura hates...

Luckily we got her to ride it again at the end of the week and she likes it now.

That's Great! AND yesterday, the apollo team set a new record for how many people rode in 1 day at 17,600 riders!!! Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday and rode!!!

Roller coaster got stuck mid-climb

Updated: Monday, 11 Jul 2011, 6:25 AM EDT
Published : Monday, 11 Jul 2011, 6:25 AM EDT

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) - Riders were escorted off a roller coaster at Busch Gardens after it got stuck mid-climb.

A 10 On Your Side viewer sent a picture of Apollo's Chariot after it got stuck Sunday afternoon.

A Busch Gardens spokesperson said there was a glitch in the ride's computer system.

Park officials helped the guests off the coaster.

No one was hurt.

-----must have been a slow news day!!!!!!
I've gotten stuck on the first climb before and had to be manually released from the restraints and escorted down the stairs. I should have taken a picture and sent it to the local news... :p
haven't seen this yet, but I'd like to see them build those floors under Griffon and escort guests off. Sounds interesting. I'm assuming they do practice for that but I'm obviously not around for that. And I would not like to be on the coaster when that happens.
^The reason Griffon actually has "buildable" floors is because it is, well, floorless. Apollo has a floor that guests can stand on and walk to the side onto the stairs.

p.s. The ride shut itself off due to a false reading of the photo eye; so no biggie.
Apollo's Chariot is my second favorite coaster in the park... right behind Griffon. Appolo's Chariot is a twisty-airtime machine, but it still doesn't beat Griffon's crazy drop. Sitting in the back is the best, the rest of the train basically pulls you through the rest of the ride, which makes it feel awesome going down all the drops. The only thing is, Apollo's Chariot's drops don't seem that big for some reason, but I can't put my eye on it. It might feel like that since it's not that steep of an angle on the drops.
^ I agree the back row is the best!!! My favorite ride in the world, followed closely by front row maverick and fifth row Kumba.
I saw a wedding proposal there once. Guy wrote "Marry Me" on his chest with an arrow pointing to his girlfriend sitting next to him, then lifted his shirt up at the camera. Pretty smooth.
^Hmmm I wonder if the Photo clerks turned that monitor off, they usually do so if anyone does any shirt lifting, man or woman. I hope for his sake them didn't turn it off.
That guy must have been desperate! :p Last week, I could have sworn that at least eight people sitting together stuck on... get this... false mustcaches! No joke!

Yes, I'm pretty sure they were fake (unless today's eight-year-old girls can grow facial hair ;) )
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