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Apr 9, 2013
Anyone remember that huge antique musical player they had at the top of the stairway just inside of the Festhaus? It kind of looked like a huge organ or something....Does anyone have a pic of that or can provide more info on what exactly it was before they removed it??
They used to have an organ in there for Fiends in the Festhaus... I'm not aware of any other instances.
I haven't seen it around the park since then. I would hope that it is kept in storage somewhere.
What? Me? I swear I don't have it. ;) But if the park needed a new home for it..... I'm sure I could find some room at my house.
So the next important question is when was this organ last present in the FH. I myself do not remember seeing it when I was was a kid (this would be in the 90's). That may not be the best indication though because, as I have mentioned before, my memories of the park during my childhood are fuzzy at best.
It was present at Festhaus when I went there on one of those Managers from PKD get a free pass to BGW days they used to do for us back in the early 90's. So yes, it was around back then. However, it was not functional at the time I went there & last saw it.
HA! Anyone else notice that the guy sitting on one of the benches to the left in the picture was holding a cigarette? Ahhhhh.....Those were the days.
I think I have a close-up pic of that somewhere. Give me time to find it. I have always wondered what happened to that organ!
Hoopla said:
Doesn't the festhaus picture earlier look great without all the cluttered merchandise in the pathway?

I certainly think so. When it's crowded in there, that area can get downright claustrophobic (at least it felt that way the last time I went...which was a few years ago now). I liked it open and uncluttered.

ETA: I couldn't agree more about the old stage! That was an EPIC mistake. The old stage was something you just never see anywhere else. Sigh.
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Hoopla said:
They may bring it back next year when entwined hopefully goes away. It wouldn't be the same, but it would be better.

Bring the old stage back? From what I understand, it was taken apart and thrown away...although it's hard for me to believe that BGW would not only remove a park icon, but also throw it in the trash! :shocked:
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