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Sep 8, 2010
So i've been sitting on a few old vinyl albums and finally decided to get around to converting them to digital for everyone. The two I will be posting tonight are "Oktoberfest Live" and "The Kingsmill Suite".

They are both labeled as Anheuser Busch productions from the mid 70's and rather great to listen to.

Here's some album art to hold you over while everything is being converted.

Here is Oktoberfest Live! (both sides)


And here is The Kingsmill Suite. This one is also two sided, the first side is "The Kingsmill Suite" and the second side is "Themes from the Old Country" which features music inspired by the hamlets of BGW. Look for the attached picture for some more info about this.



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This is nice and all, but nobody cares about the park's history anymore, brah.

Seriously: Thank You for doing this.
I just want to note... I bought a new record player for the purpose of ripping these to digital. If anyone else has any more hidden BGW/BG/AB gems like this, I'd be more than happy to do convert them over to digital.

Also, feel free to post these where ever. Just make sure to link back to this thread ;) (I personally don't care for getting the credit. I just want more people to find BGWFans so we can hopefully dig up some more treasures like these.)
I have been listening to these albums, particularly the Kingsmill Suite, every day this week at work. Love it!! Thanks again. :cool:

Are there any other albums in the fold?
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The Ghosts of the Globe soundtrack is out there on vinyl but copies of it are often quite expensive.

Also, just so everyone knows, as far as I can tell the Kingsmill Suite record is exceedingly rare. We're very lucky to have access to it.
Did anybody else just turn off everything they had around them, and then listened to the whole recording of Oktoberfest Live! Because I sure did. I loved it, and I cannot thank you enough David for putting this on here!

Have a good evening at The Old Country!
alf33 has cleaned up the versions I posted and sent them to me in .flac format. I just uploaded his updated version of The Kingsmill Suite and I will say it's MUCH better. So tons of thanks go out to him for taking the time to clean these up.

Oktoberfest Live! was also cleaned up and I will post that up tomorrow.

Again, huge thanks to alf33 for this!
I am terribly sorry, but it seems I might have "lost" the Ghosts of the Globe record. I ripped part one quite a while ago, but I will continue to search for the record, and hopefully I can get it posted soon. I'm sure it's somewhere.
The tracks aren't exactly easy to navigate using Soundcloud and David didn't feel like going through the trouble of editing everything apart himself so he said I could post the Themes from the Olde Country tracks to the BGWFans YouTube channel. So, well, that's what I did.

Anyway, before I let you get to the videos, I have to thank both David and alf33 again- the time you both spent getting this stuff to the community is very much appreciated. I can honestly say I've fallen in love with this music. I've been listening to it all night and I have yet to tire of it. So good.

As always, if someone at the park sees these and wants them removed, let me know but please consider the fact that these songs are being provided for historical documentation purposes only and that the music itself has been unavailable for sale for decades now.
Zachary, David, and alf33.... my biggest thanks to you all. You have made my night and my week. I bow to your dedication to historical preservation of the park and just hearing this lovely music takes me back to Hastings and The Old Country. It is things like this that will always make my heart cling to the beauty of the Old Country years. Big hug to you three! :heart:
I would have labeled each track and exported each song individually but I couldn't find any song list info for Okotberfest online. I did find song info for Kingsmill on one site however without knowing the length of each song it would be almost impossible to know what track is what because there's a lot of breaks in the music. I can/will go back and do this if I find the info.
Sorry for the quality of this recording but it is from a cassette I made back in the 80's. I also plan on redoing this album when I get a usb record player. I am sharing this so you can have the individual tracks with the titles of the songs.

Here is the 20th Anniversary CD of Oktoberfest.

And if you remember Imaginique. ....this is the CD that they pulled selections from.

I also have Ghosts of the Globe, I plan on making an audio file of it also when I get my usb record player. Enjoy!
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