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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
There are so many things wrong with this article.

I can't find where CNN actually identifies anyone as "scrutinizing" industry safety, as a result of the recent series of accidents that news outlets decided to cover.

Interesting statistics, nonetheless.
CNN has been posting a bunch of videos about little federal oversight on the industry.

Whether people on the forum believe this is a good idea or not, is up for debate and a worthy discussion to have I think.

Me personally? No. It would restrict the industry extensively. As of right now most parks follow state laws and regulations. Which varies from state to state. Making parks in different jurisdictions on the national level different in their own reserve.

Without sounding like an anti-large government nut I'll just say I dont think something that falls under the realm of entertainment needs to be intruded by the federal government. The industry is not harming vast people on a daily basis, so I see no need for federal intervention. Sometimes it's neccisary. In this case, it's not.
Anything that the federal government sticks their nose into becomes extremely expensive. 20 million dollar B&M coasters will become 30 million overnight. 7 month turnarounds will become a year and a half. Only certified officials will be able to operate them raising the cost of operation. Thus raising the cost of everything else. The federal government bringing its inefficient shenanigans to the the theme park industry is a terrible terrible idea.
MAZ that is the Truth right there for everyone to see and I believe that the fact these accidents all occurred so closely is both a combination of Coincidence and paranoia. Parks across the world have very strict operating procedures that ensure the safe operation of their rides and the protection of their guests and to ruin such a system would be a disaster.
The Hessian said:
I believe that the fact these accidents all occurred so closely is both a combination of Coincidence and paranoia.


Sorry guys. I've been bored lately.
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Just look how the federal government has sped up the airport security through regulations (basically in the name of safety as well.) Not to be political or anything, but we definitely don't need more government regulations and red tape. Accidents happen. Our local county fair just had a woman fall 40' from a 50' drop tower ride a couple months back. Ride was inspected and all but something was missed. Parts break. Her whole seat broke loose from the tower. Survived, but not without injuries.
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