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I have heard that the paint job is not done and that it looks fairly bad at the moment with several areas showing a mix old pain, primor, and new pain visible and that it will be in that state at least through Spring Break.
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Alpengeist has made it to the top of the list now and no longer listed as coming later in March. I assume that means it'll be open this weekend.
There was a comment on one of the insta posts where someone asked. The park said this, tempesto, and Finnegan’s are to be up and running this weekend.
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The reports of Alpengeist's painting being stopped appear to be at least slightly extracted. Also it's closed today.


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Perhaps, but I think Alpie is more likely to go the rebuild route. How cool would it be if they Manta'd it!

This is what I want. This one. The footprint is perfect. Alpengiest was such a big deal when it opened, and for many years after it that I would hope they would do anything to try to save the legacy. I can't do it anymore. I like it rough, but I know my limit and I can do it once a year maybe.
Hypothetically speaking, IF this is true, this means we have about 5 years max life left out of Alpie?

Firebird at SFA will turn 32 a month from today when you include its original inception as Iron Wolf.

Patriot at CGA just turned 31 a couple weeks ago on March 9.

Vortex at Carowinds just turned 30 on the 14th of this month.

Batman: The Ride will turn 30 in a couple months on May 9.

All are B&Ms older than Kumba and all are 5-7 years older than Alpengeist showing no signs of closing in the near future.
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