Alpengeist or Montu?

  • Alpengeist

    Votes: 13 65.0%
  • Montu

    Votes: 7 35.0%

  • Total voters
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Sep 23, 2009
I anticipate this one being closer than the Gwazi/AC contest, which one do you like better: The smooth, quick Montu, or the intense, fast Alpengeist?

It's no secret what my vote is. The King of Inverts destroys all competition.
The only rough part on Alpengeist I find is the cobra roll. Well it's not really rough, just quick transitions. I haven't been on Montu yet, but it looks awesome from what I've seen. The tunnels look neat.
As of late, Alpie has seemed less and less forceful to me. Not to mention whenever the MCBR is practically full blast, the last 1/3 of the ride is almost nothing. Montu wins me over easy. It's very forceful all throughout and it hugs the ground through its tight curves and inversions.

Alpie, your cool and all, but Montu is an invert at its best.
^I agree.

I do hate the feeling of all the g-forces on my legs though. Sometimes I feel like my leg is going to break. Does anyone else get the feeling on Montu?
alpie takes my cake. I the only notably rough parts are the cobra roll(only when the ride is full though, its fine if you go when it has less traffic) and at the beginning of the brake run, it seems the banking was kind of rushed there, in terms of transition length. Even with those I like how it offers a very, wake you up kind of feel.

The one thing I like is that the coaster always seem to complement each other. Theres a ride for every mood. Apollo is a very sensational ride with its main features being its smooth feel and bundles of air-time. BBW was the relaxing sort of family coaster( I remember my first ride, I was so skinny my mom was afraid I would fall out of the restraints). Alpie is the intense, I am man(or woman, but as the saying goes man), hear me roar, ride. And then nessie, um, ah, ya you do your thing nessie. Well at least it looks nice.
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I will take Montu on this one. I like the coaster itself better but i favor Alpen for its roaming around nature
I like the trees around Alpengeist although the cobra roll is rough and Montu does not jerk you at all, i still voted for Alpengeist because i like the theme and landscaping more.
The theming of Montu is quite cool how you race through the egyptian excavation site, though. Front row on that is a true treat
buschgardenz said:
Montu is great to ride at night because quite frankly BGT is not as pretty as BGW and montu is right next to the parking lot. So you can ride alpengeist any time of the day and it is beautiful.

Like Apollo's? Busch Tampa and Disneyland both built in the 50s are built in the middle of cities do an amazing job at disguising it. Walking around either park you would never guess it until you are on a coaster. Tampa provides a good change from Williamsburg but Williamsburg at the end of the day is home and better.
I would have to visit, but it seems that tampa might be a little better. It has more to do, and even though the rides are slightly less in the area of notoriety, they seem to be quite fun. If I were to go on a vacation, tampa would take the cake. As far as the home park thing, I can't say.
I thought the same Fur, I had my first visit two weeks ago. I liked BGW better. It may had been I was more used to BGW, but I definitely like the atmosphere of BGW better. I would have to say Montu is better because it has more inversions, and I'm an inversion kind of guy, not a speed one. If you like speed, Alpen is for you. Overall Experience goes to Montu.
Alpengeist..oh Alpengeist, how I love The. Montu was great (except for the inept ride ops), but the cleanliness and themeing of Alpengeist by far outweighs any slight difference in smoothness. In fact I recall screaming the first time on Montu: "ALPENGEIST IS BETTER... WOOO!" Seriously, I did. I like the whole layout of Alpie better; but I like the thwack of lateral forces. I'm a back seat rider of Alpengeist all the way! RAWR! :p
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