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Jul 10, 2011
As I mentioned in my trip report, one of the things that greatly surprised me at Cedar Point was the high quality entertainment. I have been to a lot of amusement parks, and I have seen a lot of different bmx/skateboarding/stunt/extreme sports shows. But, the one at Cedar Point (All Wheels Extreme) was by far the best yet. The show featured great action, contained somewhat of a "short story", and had a great cast. The cast all had X-Games experience and the girls weren't bad on the eyes. Cast included BMX riders, scooter riders, inline skaters, skateboarders, trampoline artists, and gymnasts. Even more so, they all stayed out after the show for what seemed like forever talking to everyone.

The company who created the show (All Wheel Sports, Inc.) has created shows at multiple parks across the United States...and the show has now made the top 48 on this season of America's Got Talent.

Anyways, if you are making a trip to Cedar sure to check this one out!






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