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EDIT: I looked at a larger version of this photo on AWS's Facebook page and it appears that the full trampolines are still there. The top surface part is folded up for the off-season.

[Well, it appears the 2 full size trampolines have been removed and replaced with smaller trampolines]. They also added 2 more new elevated platforms to the left and right of those new tramps (the center rear platform is a holdover from last year).

The ramp surfaces have been painted black. A good idea since it won't show the wheel skid marks. The original light blue painted surface was looking pretty scruffy by the end of the shows run last year due to that issue.

It looks like they have completely eliminated the 2 front stage tiered access points to give them more front stage area. Course, they had already covered up the original stage steps last year and had 2-tier drop down access points that the unicyclist and some other performers used in the performance. Now, even those have been removed (new plywood covering those access points).

All Wheel Sports did say they would be changing the show around and have some new stuff in the 2014 show. Expect some of last years cast to return and the rest of the folks will be new. I did see on their Facebook page that, as of last week, they were still looking for a scooter performer for Kings Dominion's show.

I did hear rumors that the 2014 show might feature aerialists of some type (bungee, rope, or silks). What the overall 2014 show format will be is anyone's guess.
According to All Wheel Sports Facebook page, the 3 BMX bikers are back from last year. Supposedly, all other cast members are new for KD in 2014.

(I believe some of the former 2013 KD cast members are performing in other parks this year. Practice photos from other Cedar Fair parks show 2 or 3 former 2013 KD cast members performing this year at Cedar Point and at Worlds of Fun [new 2014 show for them]). If you look at the 2013 video above, (just look at the still clip, you don't have to start the video), the gymnast guy in blue is performing at Cedar Point this year and the 2 trampoline athletes in the center are at Worlds of Fun for 2014.

The interesting thing for 2014 is that California's Great America is premiering a spin-off show called Aerial Ice. They use ice skaters / aerial artists combined with All Wheel Sports trampoline athletes & gymnasts. They are performing this in one of CGA's indoor theaters. I believe the park has some photos of the show on their Facebook site.

Anyway, expect a 9-10 member cast for KD's 2014 version of the show. All Wheel Sports Facebook page has a short video clip of some of the cast members practicing for the show. There were 3 bikers, one scooter performer, and 3 trampoline performers in the background. There was one person standing on the left bike platform during the whole clip. Not sure if this person was a show manager/crew member or a performer. They just stood there the whole time. If there are more cast members, they were not featured in this video.
From All Wheel Sports Facebook Site:

Kings Dominion (2014) AWS Cast! Check them out..... Lots of new surprises this year ...... Show opens June 21st !



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All Wheel Sports had their last show yesterday (8-9-2015). The 5pm was the last show and they put on one hell of a performance. Entertainers and support staff came from all over the park to support and wish them well. They pulled out all the stops and really put some impressive moves into the show. Blake thanked everyone for all the support, but there was no mention of "see you next year". Does that mean something? Is it a foreshadow of some rumors that the venue might be removed in conjunction with the Shockwave closure? You be the judge. I'm just speculating. But I digress, thank you all the great performers of All Wheel, you guys are awesome!!!
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My understanding is that All Wheel Sports had a three-year contract with the park, and with this being the show's third season, the contract has expired.

However, as mwhinva posted a few weeks ago, MoonMaxx Productions will be back for Haunt 2015, and maybe they will stay for the 2016 season as well.

My bet is that a MoonMaxx-produced show will find its way into the Peanuts Showplace next year. But I've been wrong before.
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MAZ said:
Why did the show end with 3 weeks left in the season?

The "All Wheels Sport" show normally ran through mid-August. Kings Dominion never had this show run through Labor Day Weekend. I don't know if that was because of budget reasons or if many of the cast members are still in school (college) and need to head home to get ready for another year of school. I would not be surprised if some of these folks are professionals and have show tours/competitions lined up to participate in.

I think that the park wanted to end the show the same weekend as Shockwave's closing. Given that the amphitheater is very close to the coaster, I wonder if the park needed to shut it down in order to start dismantling the track and supports. There could be safety issues with the crane placement and/or the "flight path" of the sections of the coaster as they come down.
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I thought you were going to say it had to close early so they could dismantle it to be moved to the new safari village amphitheater location. *wink wink, nudge nudge*
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MAZ said:
I thought you were going to say it had to close early so they could dismantle it to be moved to the new safari village amphitheater location. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Well, that could be one of 100 million possibilities. I don't have a clue what is going to happen regarding the amphitheater, if anything, for 2016. Course, I been having some hair-brained ideas concerning the 2016 season. But, I would have to put it in the rumor thread since they cut across the board with rides/attractions; entertainment; and food service.
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