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Jun 22, 2014
We are planning to visit Busch Gardens in Tampa in July. We haven't been there in over 20 years and our kids have never been there. They are 20 and 14 years old. I really want to know if the all day dining is worth getting? Does it include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day? Please tell me anything about the park that will be helpful. Thank you!!
If your family enjoys eating as part of your theme park experience, and you plan on eating three meals, then yes, the All Day Dining is worth it. You can use it as many times as you wish throughout the day at any of the counter service locations (with the exclusion of sampler and rib platters). You get one entree, one side OR dessert item, and one fountain beverage (or 20 oz. Dasani bottled water) each time through the line. You don't have to get all three - if you just want dessert and a drink, that's fine.

You may also want to look at getting one (or more) of the refillable cups. They are usually offered at a discount price for those who have purchased All Day Dining, and you can get free refills at any fountain beverage location on that day.

Snacks at concession stands are not included in the All Day Dining, but they usually run promotions for All Day Dining participants (currently Buy One Get One Free - which includes beer).

Zagora Cafe (near the front of the park) is the only location that serves breakfast. They normally serve it only for the first 30 minutes to 1 hour of the day. Other restaurants have varied operating hours; typically Zagora Cafe is the only location that stays open until the very end of the operating day, most other locations close at least an hour earlier.
Thanks a lot for the information Bill. We will visit BGT in 20 days, and we might take the All day Dining option.
Is our first visit to the park from Europe, and we want to enjoy it 100% !
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