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Nov 14, 2009
Williamsburg, VA
Aside from the wide variety of world class rides, shows, and kid's attractions, Busch Gardens has plenty of family activities that will give you some special memories, without busting your budget. Here are some fun family activities for you to participate in that all cost $5.00 or less:

Activity Collectible Pennies
Description BG has several collectible (pressed) penny machines throughout the park. (They also sell collectible penny display books at the gift shop in England for around $10)
Location England gift shop, Sesame gift shop, Ireland Gift shop, Oktoberfest game area, Griffon exit, Pompeii exit.
Cost .51 each

Activity Water Cannons
Description Take aim and soak some of your friends and family (or strangers) at the water rides. Always good for a laugh!
Location Pompeii and Roman Rapids
Cost .25 a turn

Activity Motorized boats and monster trucks
Description Take the wheel behind a motorized and play a little demolition derby.
Location Pompeii (boats) New France (trucks)
Cost $1.00 a play

Activity Magic show
Description Watch real live magic tricks performed right in front of you by a real magician!
Location Pot O' Gold gift shop in Ireland

Activity Candle dipping
Description A great activity for the kids. Choose a candle and decorated it by dipping it in colored wax.
Location Caribou Pottery in New France
Cost $1.99 and up

Activity Pottery painting
Description Decorate and paint a piece of pottery. It will be shipped to you once it is fired. You will need to apply 3 layers or paint and can leave the piece to return and work on it at a later date.
Location Caribou Pottery in New France
Cost $12.00 and up (avg $4.00 per visit over 3 visits)

Activity Splashdown areas
Description Get soaked and cool off at two of the park's splashdown areas!
Location Griffon and Pompeii

Activity Panning for minerals
Description Just like a miner, pan through a bag of sand to collect minerals, fossils and gemstones to take home with you.
Location New France gift shop
Cost $5.00 for the red bag (gemstones), $10.00 each for the blue (fossils) and green (emerald and ruby) bags.

Activity Feed the birds
Description Get close up with the park's exotic bird residents and feed them a little snack of a a cup of nectar.
Location Lorikeet Glen Aviary
Cost $3.15 for season pass holders, $5.25 without a season pass

Activity Pucker Powder
Description Create some sand/candy art with different flavors and colors of Pucker Powder
Location Various gift shops throughout the park
Cost 12" tube - $2.99, 18" tube - $3.99, 32" tube $4.99

Activity Photo Booth
Description Take your own photos in a classic photo booth. A variety of backgrounds and effects to choose from. Comes with 2 strips of 4 pics each.
Location Griffon exit, gift shop in Rhinefeld, arcade in Oktoberfest
Cost $5.00

Activity Arcade
Description Play some classic arcade racing games, claw machines, etc. Keep on the look out for the 1 token machines. There are plenty of them.
Location Festa Italia and Oktoberfest
Cost $5.00 for 12 tokens

Activity Ring Toss
Description Get the whole family involved in a game of ring toss for the chance to win a prize.
Location Oktoberfest games
Cost $5.00 for a bucket of 50 rings (OR $10.00 for a bucket of 150 rings and a free small prize. Great deal!)

Follow me for great tips from around the park! I'd love to hear and share yours as well.

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