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Jul 9, 2013
I found these on NewsPlusNotes Blogspot and credit for photos goes to Mike H.


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Well let's take a look at some of the first ever aerial photos of Busch Gardens Williamsburg found on the Daily Press and taken by Buddy Norris.



I really wish the park would make a new start with a medieval theme in a new section. I like to compare Ireland to Pantopia in Tampa. It was a clever way to give the village a facelift. Besides, most Irish castles are just like medieval English castles, except they are crumbling and barely standing. I appreciate the color scheme of Ireland as well. Some real town squares over there have a similar theme. It's mainly the conglomeration of different time periods. However, I know what you mean about the "Lucky Charms look". When they removed Threadneedle Faire and other things, the festive atmosphere was gone. Now, the same could probably be said about Ireland.

I found it interesting to see that Turvey Manor originally had a small queue. I always wondered about that and how they connected Questor to the rest of the area.
I was going to speculate that this photo series was why that goofy helicopter was hovering over the parking lots near Tempesto during several mornings in June.

But the date on all of the photos clearly suggests July 8, so that doesn't line up.
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