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Mar 30, 2010
update with last year's change

past few years:
Year: Attendance +/- yearly change

2006: 2,806,222
2007: 3,157,000 +12.5%
2008: 2,796,528 -11.4%
2009: 2,900,000 +3.4% (FYI almost everyone else this year lost attendance)
2010: 2,800,000 -3.4%
2011: 2,744,000 -2.0% (#18 in the USA)

Then just throwing out the WCUSA numbers
2007: 773,000
2008: 758,000 -1.9%
2009: 700,000 -2.2% (skeptical as these numbers don't match the 2008 report)
2010: 784,000 +12% (#6 in the USA, #14 in the world)
2011: 723,000 -7.8% (#6 in the USA, #20 in the world)

Interesting quote here:
Coincidentally, AECOM is now working on a study to evaluate the statistical relationship between daily attendance versus forecast and actual weather at a major East Coast attraction. The interim results indicate that severe weather events can have a disproportionate impact on annual attendance. Supporting this finding is Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Virginia, which was closed for almost a week due to the hurricane, resulting in a decline in attendance of around 61,000 for the year to 723,000.

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RE: BGW Attendance and 2011 TEA / AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report

Thanks for linking it this morning, I was about to after I saw it on WDWMagic but you beat me to it. I split it off into its own thread so people do not get lost in the weeds of the other.
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Thanks. I think last year Shafor predicted 2011 would be down due to the weather and a late Mach Tower opening. I imagine this year the Verbolten addition will increase the attendance, but to 2007 levels? That was when Griffon opened and there was no Christmastown.
Gavin said:
2007 was also Jamestown's 400th anniversary.

It also happened right before the big economic collapse. It was the last summer where people were not hesitant on spending money.
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