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Sep 23, 2009
I'm working on adding another project to the site that will hopefully be the definitive place to go for pictures of the park.

The images will all be high quality and will cover the entire park. We all know how difficult it can be to find images of things that existed in the past, hopefully this project will make it easy to find pictures of exactly what you're looking for.

My plan is to take pictures every time I go to the park so essentially this will be an ever expanding database of images. The pictures will be tagged based on what the subject in them is. The goal is to not only have every attraction covered, but also the general areas that we may have trouble picturing in our minds during the offseason.

Right now, the only person that will be able to upload pictures will be me, but in the future (depending on if it's successful or not) I'll be allowing members to upload and tag their own pictures.

I'll have more details in time, but feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions about what you'd like to see with this project.
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