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I rode this one I guess it was 2 years ago and it was fun, but the boats bottom out so much, or at least they did then or at least feel and sound like they are. I didn't like that, but otherwise it was fun.
El Asseradero has been around 11 years longer than Great Adventure has existed.

They also claim to have the first ever log flume ride. Somebody needs to tell them to fight it out in the ring.

It's even the same exact wording. The entire paragraph is the same, not just that sentence.
Aye, it's copy pasted between the two rides. Glad we could have this discussion in the span of 15 minutes in spite of the fact two people got injured on a ride.

I'm not sure if you're trying to be humorous or not, but this isn't the thread for it.
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Sorry, not trying to be funny, I just was curious about the claim that it was the first ever log flume, as the article said the website claimed (and it does), as I was surprised that would be the case. And, as it turns out, it isn't the case. Not trying to make light of injuries. It ended up in the article and the article isn't in the wrong here.
A few more details in this one and it includes pictures of the vehicle after the accident it appears that it was not quite as bad as it sounded in the original article.

Looks like there was an issue with the Flume prior to the incident happening. Typically the boats don't go into the final turn with this much speed and that very likely resulted in the damage to the metal guard seen in this video below.

What is also unfortunate is that damage is in a blindspot of the ride, since the operator on top of the lift and the operators in the station cannot see it.

Underfilled trough? That's the only thing that I can think of that would cause a boat to carry that much speed.

This is what that final turn normally looks like in terms of water spillage and boat behavior.

You can see in that video that it makes a bigger splash and a much sooner splash. I'm glad the accident wasn't worse than it was.
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