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Very interesting. They could trademark something and not use it but it seems that it's a strong contender at least for one of the 4 rides coming in 2020 that we don't know the name of.

This won't be for BG's MMXX - already exists so I'm doubtful (hopeful they won't) duplicate:
I agree that I'd rather they didn't duplicate but I'm also not sure how many will have heard of a roller coaster in South Africa. I think if it was in the US then they would definitely avoid it.
Me too I think it's much more likely to be the name of their coaster in Orlando or San Antonio. Orlando seems much more likely though.
As a lover of the deep sea: yes please.

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Would be a solid name for a coaster themed to the deepest depths of the ocean. That's a segment of SeaWorld's niche that is underserved in Orlando right now.
You beat me to it, especially for SWO 2020 project, ABYSS, maybe inside and outside launch coaster hello Intamin.
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i feel like the name abyss somewhat alludes to a dive coaster, à la oblivion. but, considering that SEAS has griffon, sheikra, and mako, i'd assume that's highly unlikely.
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SeaWorld San Diego is apparently getting a dive coaster next year. I think Abyss would fit that pretty well.
They've already announced that it will be called Mako. That's why there's only 4 options for roller coasters next year. There's MMXX, RMC Gwazi, Orlando's coaster and San Antonio's wooden coaster.

Or the 2021 2019 balloon whatever the hell it is near DF. ?

Seriously, with the exception of the "vote to name it wooden coaster", hasn't SEAS usually close to the vest on ™ names until just before/just after they go public? If so, I'm thinking it's not a 2020 thing but maybe a retheming of something existing...maybe in a water park?
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They typically also trademark a number of names. They did this with Tigris where they also trademarked twisted tigers.

It's also possible that the name they have in mind for MMXX is something that they already have trademarked as a potential name for another ride and they are now using it here.
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