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Gavin rm -r *▌
Sep 27, 2009
Skyland Estates, Virginia
It seems Christmas Town's success hasn't gone unnoticed by BGW's sister parks.

Sesame Place's "A Very Furry Christmas"

Thought's? If you read more about it, they are selling passes to season passholders for $13. They also seem to be going all out, when compared to the park's size, even though they aren't sure that it'll succeed at SP.

Yes I know it's posted in the wrong thread, but it's currently impossible for anyone to create any threads in the Sesame Place sub-forum
RE: "A Very Fury Christmas" at Sesame Place

I thought this was going to be about an angry sesame street Muppet.
Considering the extremly warm weather, they should leave the waterpark open. Hey, kids, can you say Hypo-ho-ho-thermia? ;)

(Super obvious sarcasm. Just thought I'd throw that out there!)
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