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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
Let this post serve as a reminder, and a notice, to ALL forum members.

If you haven't read the Forum Rules, or haven't read them recently, please take a moment: Forum Rules

Every forum member, to remain a member in good standing, needs to follow these rules. There has been far too much "Useless Nonsense" and "Personal Insults" from a number of members recently. It doesn't matter what "side" you're on, whether you're young or old, a new member or a long standing one. Everyone has to abide by the rules.

From this point forward, I will be issuing warnings, and pushing for banning of members who violate these rules. While I can only speak for myself, I'm pretty sure the rest of the Moderators and Site Staff are tired of all the nonsense. The only way I see to make it stop is to simply get rid of ALL the violators. End of story.
The sad part is that we have to delete posts and remind everyone to be civil to each other. It is basic respect we should all have for each other; despite differences of opinions.

To be honest, I think we all have some idea of when it crosses a line. I know we all get upset, but try to understand that everyone here wants to enjoy a nice conversation and not a bicker-fest.

Thank You.
I'd like to add a few points.

1) As always, use the Report function on any post you feel violated the forum rules so it can be reviewed. However, please do not respond to a post you report, or any post that is an obvious rules violation.

For instance, if you see a post that is a personal attack/insult, just report it (regardless of whether it's directed at you or another member). Any member who responds to a personal attack/insult with their own attack/insult will also be warned and be held responsible for their post.

2) If you feel the need to post off-topic, comedy, etc. then put it in the General Discussion section of our forums. While obvious spam, personal insults/attacks, and the like will not be tolerated in any section of our forums, General Discussion threads will not be as heavily moderated for thread drifts, off topic items, etc. That is the section for your favorite .gifs, funny ideas, etc. Use it.
Not open for further replies.
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