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Apr 29, 2011
I'll post some random old BGW pics of mine (and some of my friend's as well) in this thread.

I'll start off with this, taken 13 years ago as of yesterday! ;)



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Here's a preview of the next pic I will be posting.



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+1 shb. I can't tell what Unagi's pic is due to me using my phone. I actually was at the park in August of '99, Apollo's inaugural season and Dennis' tour of the east coast. A few days later I would take my first and so far only visit to KD.
shb5007 said:
Alpenscoot said:
Im still trying to figure out where the first one is.



That was land clearing for AC. That space is where the 2nd and 3rd hills, the helix, and the MCBR currently sit! :)
A question for everyone before I post the next two pics....

How old were you on December 13, 1998 and what were you doing (student, working, even born yet, etc)?

I wanna see at least 10 replies from members here before I share what I have! :)
9 therefore student. I likely was at the gardens approximately 2 months earlier than 12/13/1998.
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I was about 8 or 9 at the time. I knew a Busch Gardens in VA existed (go Sea World San Diego), but I had no idea what rides it had or what it was like until the next year when my dad came to Newport News for a business trip.
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A photoshop I did that matches this subject pretty good:
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