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Apr 5, 2011
Years ago, I made a mistake that has weighed heavily on my conscience. I have lost sleep and drank heavily ever since. My friends have recently been pressuring me to confess as they have been worried for me. My wish is to come clean to you all and beg forgiveness.

Years ago, a clip appeared on YouTube in which the pure and gentle soul of Pat Robertson assists a concerned mother about her teenage son and going to a theme park that had demonic themes.

My ultimate confession is that I am Dianne. I pretended to be a wholesome mother with the goal if pressuring the park to get rid of the poor quality Demon Street. The plan did not work as the letter was changed. Below is the original that I sent.

Thank you so much for the service you provide for us. Bush Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia has a Halloween event every year. I let my teenage son go every year with friends because I can not do the coasters and all this stuff seems like its too much for me. My son loves it, but I just learned that they have a haunted house based on Satan and demons. That alone wouldn't be bad because if my son learns to fear the devil I would be happy. But I just learned that it just isn't scary actors but the whole thing is like a party. There are girls in suggestive demon outfits selling drinks, techno music, and even a "Demon DJ" which encourages people to dance. I know Bush Gardens probably isn't envoking the devil on purpose, but I know in my heart that Satan will use this chance to grab onto the poor souls of those who visit the park. I know my son is a good boy, but I know he would be disappointed and upset if I don't let him go. How should I talk to him about this to make him understand that keeping him away from Bush Gardens is the best thing for him?

I apologise to the people here for deceiving you. I apologise to the park for questioning your decisions to incorporate a poorly exectued scare zone/dance party hybrid. Most of all, I apologise to Pat Robertson for attempting to use your selfless and noble platform to push my selfish agenda of a better Halloween event.
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