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Jun 24, 2011
Yorktown VA
Not so much a trip report, but just wanted to put out a huge thanks to someone. Dont know who you are or where you even found it, but I had lost my blue metal wallet on Monday 7/11/11. I had filled out a card at lost and found that night with hope that someone might turn it in or maybe a park employee may have found it. Last place i remember having it was just before getting on Loch Ness. Wasnt until i got to The battering ram before i noticed it gone, after taking the long way around the park, so it could be any where in the park. Well as of last night nothing had turned up yet and this morning I was all set to cancel cards and start the process of replacing the Id cards. But to my shock, this morning I get a call from Langley AFB security police telling me my wallet has been turned in to them. Went and picked it up and everything including the cash was still in there. Thank you very much to whoever it was that had the moral sense to turn in my wallet. You saved me so much heartache of having to replace the Id cards and debit cards. Thank you very very much.
Losing very important things like that sucks, It is nice that we still have some good honest people that would turn it in and not take anything. I once found a wallet at Hershey and turned it into a guard right away.
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Glad to hear all ended well. A good tip I learned was to have a photo copy of all you wallet contents and keep it with your important documents. This helps when calling to cancel cards and reporting them lost/stolen.
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Thanks rockn13, for sharing that story. I needed an uplifting view of the world today and that made me smile. I am glad it all worked out and that the person who found your wallet did the right thing. :)
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Add me to list that's glad you got your wallet and everything in it back!
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