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Dec 23, 2011
First let me start off by writing a review of the Terror-tories, and comparing them to night versus day and I will end with my overall feeling of the event, compared to last years.

Ripper Row

At Day ~ It looks very neat and interesting, it definitely gives you a more enclosed feeling while not really using up a ton of space as members have feared. I also think it is great for the park to have the severed limbs right when you enter because it really lets people know what this is all about.

At Night ~ Definitely in the top two Terror-tories. All the actors were amazing. It was if it was an ongoing skit that the actors could change up periodically and scare you. It was not just boring side skits, nor was it just scares it was a healthy mix of both.

Demon Street

At Day ~ I can't blame you guys for saying this Terror-tory isn't up to par during the day because it just isn't. I find the coolest thing during the day is the demonic figures.

At Night ~ You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves. This is in my top two for Terror-tories. The lighting and effects mixed with the fog and demon actors with chainsaws is perfect. The music may not be demonic, but it isn't extremely out of place. Its also not the "popular" music that people complain about either. It is simple and effective. Many guests enjoyed the music and DJ. This area is top notch after dark.

Vampire Point

At Day ~ I honestly think this area was the worst; however, it was an amazing transformation. The building really did resemble a castle. I was a little shocked at the outdoor seating, but still it was pretty decent.

At Night ~ I think this area yells out sparkly and flashy. The dining area is just nothing but sparkles. I did love the vampire actors in the area, they definitely made the are much more interesting.

Port of Skulls

At Day ~ Just like VP, it just didn't strike me as amazing during the day, but it was still impressive. The new gift shop is mindblowing. I do love the aged and dirty look that everything has now.

At Night ~ A mind-blowing transformation. I am not too thrilled about the main photo op areas, I think they should be more used like RR's set but it was still interesting and very interactive. I also love the pirates here because they are all different! They don't wear a ton of repeat costumes like other areas do, or like last year. They were all unique which adds depth and reality to this total transformation.

Now, my overall look is the Terror-tories are a success. They provide amazing immersive experiences while also giving guest path scares still. I think for a new revolutionary idea, they did amazing; especially with all these rumored budget cuts. In every Terror-tory guests were happy, scared, and excited. I did not see any frowns or upset people at all. I think this is something I can definitely get used to.

Also I do have a few comments about the team member Howl-o-Scream costumes. First off, many team members were mismatched or not changed at all. Apparently, the park did not have enough costumes in stock to give everyone a costume or a full costume. It is so bad that those who do have a full costume only get 1 outfit the entire event. So if they work all weekend either they have to do laundry every day or wear clothes that haven't been washed for a maximum of three days straight. I think this was the most lackluster part of the entire event and I hope this situation improves quickly.

Now I want to address pathway scares. Each Terror-tory has some scares. Do not fear, there are scares. However, most of the Terror-tories don't have scare actors just waiting to pop out and jump at you. A lot of these actors are just walking around as if you are really in whatever place you are in. I also very much enjoyed the variety in costumes for each area. The only areas that had similar costumes or identical costumes was Vampire Point and Demon Street, but they aren't carbon copies so it wasn't too bad. However, the best way to explain pathway scares is, it is a healthy mix between scares and full thematic immersion into real life of that specific place.

I want to give a large thanks to all the theater technicians who pulled 18 hour shifts every day the past week to really put together the meat of the event. I want to extend that to the costumers who did a fabulous job creating the different costumes for the scare actors. I also like to thank any other behind the scenes team members for really putting the event together and making it the exciting and fun event that it is. I do not enjoy a lot of what the management does, but I am only thanking them for what we have today as far as ideas, they tend to take a lot of crap from us because they pull of some of the stupidest things that make no sense but they do have a few lightning strikes of genius and I am giving credit just for that. All in all, I am thanking everyone for their outstanding effort and work that helped build this event and these ideas from nothing to something.

I am once again disclaiming that this is my opinion and I could care less if you disagree, Rip me limb from limb, Burn me at the stake, Feed me to the bloodsuckers, and make me walk the plank, I will forever say this event is definitely 100% better and more prepared than last year's event with no doubt. Once again, screw whoever thinks I am wrong or doesn't care about my opinion because frankly all that matters to me is how I feel!

It is all about FUN!
I am not putting it in every single post, it just goes along with my experience I had tonight. I am sorry the two times it appears it annoys you majorly.
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