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Aug 31, 2013
Alright,so I've been thinking, if, and I stress IF, the park could come by some real money in the next 10 years, what if they made the WHOLE PARK into one big set of terror-tories! Below are my ideas.

England~Ripper Row- Add even more detail and even more scarers into this area to create an even greater impact.

Scotland/Heatherdowns~Village of the Damned- Imagine cornstalkers, but with a huge budget increase.

A small village, plague by famine and disease, has turned to worshipping the demons/evil creatures of the underworld and performs blood scarifices to them...YOU! You can run, but you cant hide from the Village of the Damned.

Incorporate old props and sets from various farm themed mazes, plus new and improved set pieces.

Ireland~Rejects- Doctor Freakenstein has had many failed monsters, which he displayed on ghoulish gurneys in years past, now these haunted images of the past get a jolt of life, and they want revenge! Will you persevere and survive? Or will you join the rejects on the slab?

This could be done by using the slabs with old costumes displayed, and adding a lot of creepy lab equipment, old set pieces from previous scare zones and mazes, and create sets for each character to scare in.

Jack Hannah's Wild Reserve~Legends-In the countryside of Ireland,creatures of myths and legends reveal their true ghoulish selves. Leprechauns, Pixies, Elves, Banshees, Witches, and even a troll or two, are waiting to gobble you up or steal your soul...But don't worry, these creatures are just legends, stories told around the fire...Right?

While the troll looks neat by the bridge, it doesnt quite match anything they have ever done in italy. Why not bring it to this area, add alot of creepy and cooky buidings/sets, and give it the animatronic motion it use to have inside deadtime stories?

If this wont work., perhaps make deadtime stories a terror-tory? Imagine creepy little pigs with chainsaws running around your feet!

France~Macabre - At night, Paris shows its darker side, as ghosts of the past show their ugly heads. Glimpses of killers, revolutions, and much bloodshed stains the streets with blood.

New France~Wardogs - For the first time in HOS history, I would theme TWO scare areas together and have these interact between each other.

The treaties have been broken, and war has begun between The Lycans,the proud warrior tribe of werewolves, and The Noblebloods, pompous and proud vampire families. This bloody war has resulted in the need of new soldiers. YOU! Step right up, and dont bother signing the enlistment papers, because once they have their eyes on you, you can not escape enlistment. You have been drafted.

Now, i am unsure whether or not the Alpengeist area is its own thing, but this, plus the bridge would be where every 30 minutes, a battle will be acted out by certain scarers, resulting in them both retreating. Lycans back to Wardogs, while the Noblebloods back to...

Rhinefield~Vampire Point:Tainted Blood - The fallout from the war has alright begun, as vampire blood is tainted by the curse of the lycans, and the Vampire Point Hotel is now being used as a war hospital. While the doctors go off, searching for new blood, the tainted ones have broken free, full of rage, and willing to kill anything in sight.

The dining experience would still be there, but it would be even more serious, with vampire doctors and wounded, and soldiers.Soldiers stand guard over the hotel, while doctors go out with large syringes and chasing people down for blood. The wounded would go attack other people and be crazy half vampire half werewolf peoples.

Oktoberfest~ Bloodlust - This Oktoberfest isn't quite as cheerful as before, while the Casket Club is open for business, including a new number of old wartime hits for the boys in the war, outside, Vampires are trying to make ends meat, and some vampiresses have resulted to selling themselves to the night, while others rob/kill others, or sell certain illegal items.Meanwhile the law is cracking down on any suspicious activity with lethal force. Can you manage to survive, or will you be lost to the maddening bloodlust?

To do this, simply put more adult rated theming in here. Sexy vampiress cages, sets to create alleyways to have the shady vampires attack, and what not.

San Marco/Pompeii Area~Infection - The Deadline may be off the grid, but that isnt containing anything as the gas starts to spread across the area, turning anyone nearby into ruthless zombies. Meanwhile the Italian Guard has set of perimeters and have been ordered to shot to kill anything that tries to escape.

This area could be pulled off with basic structures and buidlings, and zombie-fying them with blood splatter, and what not. Also add busted roadblock signs/torn down gates with italian gard with air rifles to shoot at guests.

Festa Italia~Sideshow - Here is where the mazes, shows, and scare zones of the past come to rot.However, Fear Fair has become ringleader and shows off a throwback to HOS history in a sideshow/freakshow style, while one both in particular leads to the maze.


Returning Mazes:



3.13: your Numbers Up

New Mazes:

Festa Italia~ Cutthroat Cove: The Red Mistress - Cutthroat Cove returns, HOS first official sequel to a maze, where we find the mutinous crew from Cutthroat Cove, finally gathering their crew and assembling a proper ship, they take to the seas! The outdoor/indoor maze is also the first two story maze in HOS history, You first make way through a burned and ruined port, greeted by slaughtered residents. After this you make your way into the ship, starting on the top, you are greeted by bungee pirates jumping down from the crows nest. You go down below deck, and fidn yourself in the powder room and the crews quarters, infested with biulgerats and piratey crew. At the lowest level you find the brig and torture chamber. With new high quality effects to further create the feeling of being on the ghost ship, this maze will be sure to make even the saltiest of sea dogs quiver like a landlubber!

Germany~Shop Till You Drop - The Prices are to die for! Welcome to S-Mart! Feel free to grab a cart and browse for your serial killing family! Does Timmy need a new hatchet? Susie want a chainsaw for christmas? Or maybe dad needs a new noose for the pesky neighbors next door. S-Mart has all you need right here!

basically a serial killer themed store for a maze, with crazy psychos working there.The area would take Root of All Evil and some of the line, and create an indoor maze. Imagine an area with the butchers, and they are chopping up a scare actor! It would be gory and almost comical in a dark way.


Night Beats(with themed change)


Monster Stomp Revamped(in The Globe)

Dig It Up


Rhine RIver Cruise Update- Along the normal tour, set pieces will be put in the river, to acompany the Cutthroat Cove maze, meaning, two ghost ships seemingly engaged in a war with each other, fog, lighting, simulated canon fire, etc.

Loch Ness Monster update- Inside the tunnel a projection of nessie will be shown on the wall, and make it appear she is about to strike as you exit!

Verbolten Update- Verbolten would recieve a temporary refurb, adding a new element. Slenderman!

(Well thats my general idea, however, if the cutthroat cove 2 idea isnt good, I was thinking about maybe combining the area where cutthroat is now, with the old masquerade maze, and creating one called The Collection. Basically its old mazes/scare zones form both BGW and BGT, for those senitmental guests out there. also I must apologize, I'm extremely tired while writing this, so excuse my poor spelling, grammar, and sense-making skills)
1. You have too many vampire areas. Keep them in Rhinefeld or move them to Oktoberfest. Two areas with the same thing seems like overkill. The war on the bridge is a good concept, but I'd rather have them on the pathways to avoid bottlenecking. Even better. Have the wolves and vamps roam both countries.
2. Where are the chainsaws gonna be? I'd say stick them and the demons in the Freakenstein area or the Italy area.
3. Move the Irish scares from the Wild Reserve to Ireland and have the freak monsters either roam with them or have them as a photo op. I'd say move the DJ to the Grogans Pub area as I've never really seen it used that much.
4. Now that I think about it, Oktoberfest should be dead gardens. Have man eating plants, zombie gardeners, and living statues everywhere. Bar and Bitten can stay.
5. I'd still say have Banbury remain a neutral area until the end of the night or scale back on Ripper Row (at least get rid of all that unnecessary bloody stuff). Still have the actors roam the area in character.

Not a bad idea at all so far.
Not a bad idea! I think they should use Rhine River as a part of CTC by you just being on regular ride and once you are far out pirates take over the boat and do like a mini show. Like your thinking. For the vampiresses bring my House of Vayne divas to BGW to play
thanks!And yeah, dead gardens sounds better than bloodlust.another idea I had was use all of Banbury as the stage for a live sweeney todd show. when he sings epiphany, have him going into the crowds with his razors and what not. have a small stage area by the restaraunts for mrs lovetts meat pie shop(also where they could serve specialty meat pies. Banbury could begin Fleet Street
Alternate Italy Maze

Deep Storage:666- Just outside of San Marco, where egyptians, romans, cavemen and more entertain guests in the San Marco Museum, the museums storage facility also comes to life by the Rockwell Diamond, a diamond, said to cursed by Satan himself. While the museums exhibits avoid the evil curse, the storage facility turns anything into it's evil puppet. There is nowhere to run as you are hunted by stuffed lions and tigers, stalked by dinosaur skeletons, trapped by mummies, and attacked by possessed wax mannequins of all sorts.

this maze can be fitted under a large tent/building, and will be a maze of boxes and tall shelves. Special puppets can be used for the animals much like in UF An American Werewolf In London maze, and the raptor/dinosaurs can be a mix of puppets and catacombs style suits. Wax mannequins are actors in costume, everything from egyptians, mob bosses, romans, the worlds greatest killers, etc. The actual part where you see the diamond can be done using a smoke screen effect to make it look like a demon face is in the shine off of a very beautiful diamond. Also, workers will be attacking, screaming for help, etc. It will very much be like Night at the Museum, but very dark and grisly.
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