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Dec 27, 2009
As I sit here while my shoes dry out (thanks Pompeii) I decided this is a good time to summarize our day at BGW today. Overall, it was a beautiful day with mild temperatures, a few clouds and not too many people in the park. I don't think I could have asked for a much better day.

This was a day of firsts for my family. Our first destination was the measurement station where Grace, my oldest, finally received the cherished green wristband and was told she could ride everything. Glenn, my next oldest, still isn't big enough to ride above Lochness, but he won't ride that either so it doesn't really matter. BBW is still the only big coaster he has ever ridden. I thought Grace was going to bust trying to get to Griffon and we finally made it there.

We were waiting for her first ride and were next for the front row for the next train when it broke. We didn't have to wait too long for the fix, but it gave Grace more time to contemplate her fate as she watched the empty trains go by. Finally we boarded, front row center, and Grace was nervous. The ride itself was all she had hoped for and she couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to ride again or go for her first ride on Alpengeist. The Alpengeist won out and we were off.

I decided that her first ride should be front row too. For me, it was my first time on Alpengeist in quite a few years and I had forgotten how great it is. After another exciting ride, we were off to meet the rest of our group for lunch.

On the way there, we stopped at the BBW site for a moment of silence, we both miss it already, and continued on. A quick ride on Escape from Pompeii got my shoes wet, but little else; no one was playing with the water jets at the time. After lunch, my three year old got her frist ride on the Katapult. I wasn't feeling well, but it was worth it to hear her laugh every time she slid into me on the seat. She also got her first little rollercoaster ride today on Grovers Alpine Express. I wasn't sure how she would take it, but she was begging for more.

The other two firsts were for my boys. Glenn got his first ride on the big swings. I'm still hoping to get him on Lochness, but not this year. My othe son, Andrew, had his first trip to BGW ever; he turns 1 month old tomorrow.

We also saw Celtic Fyre and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I have to say, whether you like the show or not, you have to admit they are talented. A quick ride on Lochness after that and we were done.

The final coaster count for me today was Griffon - 2, Alpengeist - 2, Lochness - 1. Now I need for the Tylenol to kick in and go to bed. As I get older, I still love the coasters, but they don't like me. I pay for the rides every time I go, but it's worth it. Unfortunately, this was my only summer trip to BGW this year. I will have to content myself with Six Flags over Georgia for the rest of the summer, but I'll be back for Christmastown 2010.
Nice trip report. Look at it this way, your home park could be something terrible like SFA. I feel very sorry for anyone who has to live with that park... SFOG isn't that bad is it?
Robbie, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have some great kids and got to enjoy a fantastic day with them at BGW. I am hoping to go up there tomorrow myself.

Did you and Grace get a photo of the first ride on Griffon? I wish I could go back in time and have a photo of my very first ride on the Loch Ness when I was three. (Yes, I was a tall kid). Good memories.

Very nice story once again and watch out for those water cannons at Pompeii! ;)
Ahh, the park sure does get alot more fun when one of the kids is big enough for all the coasters :) (No more riding by yourself/child swap)

We got my son extra thick shoes last summer to boost him over the top for the green band. Now, less than a year later, he's about an inch past the top of the green line altogether. They do grow fast.

Nora, you must have been a HUGE 3 year old to be able to ride Loch Ness ;) My 3 year old (almost 4) is really big for her age, but she's no where near tall enough for Loch Ness. It wouldn't surprise me if it took two more years to get there. I really miss the BBW for her sake. She would have been able to ride that this year and would have loved it. Oh well, it'll have to be Grover coaster purgatory for the foreseeable future.
Nora, unfortunately no, I didn't get a picture of her first ride. Her mom was so nervous about Grace going on it, she couldn't watch and the Griffon picture didn't come out very well.

Swiftman, SFOG isn't a bad park and it has some nice coasters. I have learned to stay away from the Ninja though. It is a Vekoma coaster and if you think Drachen Fire was rough, it doesn't come close the Ninja. I only rode it once and learned my lesson. They also have a flying coaster I'm finally going to ride this year, now that Grace is tall enough. I hope to get up there soon. We also have Wild Adventure south of us in Valdosta, GA. I've never been there so if anyone here can tell ma anything about it, I'd like to get some information.
Shafor, I have a very tall family.. my brother was 6'3" in High School and I have a cousin over 7'! I am about 5'9" at the moment... but for some reason I was always the tallest in Elementary school and then my growth kind of topped out by my freshman year in high school. I was about the same age when I rode Space Mountain too. :-/
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