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Aug 9, 2010
We made the annual trip this year and I believe it will be our last for the next few years. We had a decent time in Williamsburg, the Historical sites were interesting and our hotel room was nice. BGW is still a beautiful park with great rides, shows and good food, and I don't mind if they plaster giant Coke billboards to help with funding. The biggest let down is the employees. I know there are some great people working there and saw some of them, but the majority are just going through the motions and lack proper training. I believe the blame falls on management for their poor training and some idiotic policies. Here are a few of my encounters...

I bought the refillable popcorn container and then had it refilled the next evening. The employee that refilled it took it from me, walked over to a trash can that they keep the popcorn in and proceeded to dip it in the can and fill it up. I wonder how many people sat down their popcorn buckets on sidewalks, bathroom floors and who knows where else throughout the park before having it scooped into a trash can full of popcorn like mine was. So the next time your enjoying Celtic Fyre, grab a handful of popcorn and a few pieces fall to the ground, just remember it is ok to pick them up off the ground and munch away,,,they are just as clean as what you were already eating.

It had stormed earlier and my daughter wanted to see All For One again since it was our last night. I told her it might be cancelled, but that we would head that way and try to find out. The first employee I asked did not know what All For One was LOL. He pulled out his employee schedule to find it.

Handing a meal voucher to most food service employees is the equivalent to handing a Rubik's Cube to Ray Charles.

I saved the best for last, and I still feel bad for being a bit of a prick to the employee working the Skee ball booth the other night. If you are a member here then I want you to know I am sorry and know that you are just doing your job. Some idiot in management is where my anger should have been directed...Did anyone know that once you win a prize your play is finished? That means that if you pay $5 for 3 plays and win on the first or second try then you are done. After finding a supervisor they confirmed that this is a new policy and the employee was correct. I was told that I could pay again and would be allowed to play, and I asked where my $3 was since I had only played one game. It's not like I keep a skee ball machine in my basement and practice or something. I went back the next day and told the girl working the booth and she told me that that she had never heard that policy and that if I paid for 3 games then I would get to play 3.

I sill like the park and would love to live in the area, but I think it is time to check out some other destinations. We were planning on Howl o Scream this year, but the DarKastle maze has soured me on that idea. I know locals that have been on the rides hundreds of times love the idea of a maze there, but to the casual visitor they are getting rid of the one ride in the park that is already themed to the event.


Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Lol! Love your review.

I think we've all encountered the... "employee problem", shall we say. I'm so sorry it left you with a less-than-stellar experience. I know the staff can really make or break a guest's visit.

I'm also disgusted that the popcorn thing happened. I don't generally eat popcorn anyway but wow. That's appalling.
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