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Jul 13, 2011
Orlando, FL
Drove up to NJ for a wedding and stopped at the park both on the way up and on the way back. A few observations/questions from my first (and possibly only) visits this season:

  • How long has the glockenspiel in Rhinefeld square been not working? Only the king & queen spun into place, and it took about 7 minutes for them to spin back into their starting position...
  • Is the park no longer making waffle cones fresh on-site? I usually relish the aroma in Rhinefeld as well as Aquitaine, but didn't smell them on either visit...
  • The volume of the music in Aquitaine is far too loud. Also not digging the use of vocals there and in New France. (If you'll notice, most theme parks lean toward instrumentals as, if there are lyrics, the mind will inadvertently try focus on what's being said, making it no longer "background")
  • I timed my lunch strategically yesterday, dining in Teatro de San Marco between shows. The between-show playlist is ear-bleedingly loud but some of the choices are good, and some I just couldn't figure out - I Got Rythm? Really?

I honestly went in expecting to be crushed by actually seeing the severe cutback of imported goods in Germany,especially the Inge Glass in the Christmas room, and Waterford, Beleek, and the selection of woolens in Ireland. Surprisingly, this didn't bother me as much as seeing the full rollout of bowling shirts and khakis. Tacky. Cheap. Garish. If bloody Cedar Fair can do themed COSTUMES for Knotts, the traditionally higher-caliber BGW can have something better than hideous bowling shirts and khakis.

EDIT - We found some merch featuring the classic font (you know, the one they took off the toll plaza in the off-season) in Tweedside, Der Marktplatz and the stroller rental outside the gate - tees, bags, etc. Get it while it lasts - most were tagged in 2011.
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