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chickenking said:
Another cell phone stuck in the magnet thingies? :p

Wouldn't surprise me... I have heard that their shutdowns have domino effects... One shutdown creates another problem, and when that gets fixed, a new problem arises, and so on
Had to wait at the end of therun on Griffon because the previous train someone dropped a shoe onto the track. Had to wait for a supervisor and maintenance people to get there and unscrew things. It was still a good day though!
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I was wondering if I could ask a stupid question? My favorite hat blew off on the log flume yesterday and was wondering if I should just consider it gone for good or if I could call the park and see if maintenance might have turned it in.
You never know they magically find stuff a lot. I would call but I don't think they would keep a hat for a long time.
Does anyone know how long they keep found items?
I'm not sure but I would definitely fill out a lost item form.

My daughter lost her sunglasses somewhere in the park one day last year. At some point during that day, she told us that she didn't have them anymore so on our way out, we filled out a lost item form.

At least a couple of weeks passed and a package came in the mail. The addresses were hand-written but when we saw the Busch Gardens return address, we knew what it was. I opened it up and sure enough, there were my daughter's sunglasses.

I thought that was exceedingly cool.
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Thx everyone, I just e- mailed them (guest relations) and explained and ae my contact info. Keeping fingers crossed. It was my AC/DC ball cap and I feel naked without it!
I dropped my cell phone once. Filled out a form at guest relations and it was also mailed to me. It was found in Italy. Must have slipped out of my bag. :)

However, this cannot be a guarantee. It all depends on where you lost it; if someone turns it in. For example- if your keys fall out over the lake on Apollo's Chariot; it may be time to make a new set of keys.
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