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Jan 27, 2010
Good Day all BGW Fans...

Took the family to BGW on Satuday and here was our Trip Report broken down by GOOD and BAD

- No bags left to trip on at the Exit of rides.
- Ride Lines were maximum 10 minute waiting time
- Rain got rid of the "stupid" ones who complained... :)

- Really.....$17 for AYCE Chicken in France
- Train ride no longer has a designated speech about the Train(s)
- Still no Nessy seen in the Tunnel and I know she's there....

Both my Wife and I love the Park and go every weekend but it is the Traditions that are slipping away quickly thanks to the new Management. What is next for us, oh wait the rumors are true Busch Gardens "Resort" back near Germany. Yep...the rear conductor confirmed it and say the Train Station is a 2012 add-on once the grade the area due tot he incline.

Ok all....the trip was fun but losing traditions....

Steve, I am glad you had a fun time at Busch on Saturday. As for the resort and the train station, I have not heard anything about that yet, but I'm sure I will if it is true.
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