Please select all of your choices for the 2022 Advisory Panel

  • belsaas

  • BGWnut

  • CoasterTalkBob

  • halfabee

  • horsesboy

  • Ice

  • Jahrules

  • lightninlady

  • Mushroom

  • Thomas

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and Team / Co
Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Now that we have made it through two rounds of nominations, we have our full slate and all Forum members are encouraged to vote for our next Advisory Panel. To participate, simply submit your preferences in the poll above. You may vote for as many candidates as you want, including yourself.

No one will be able to see any results other than the Admins, who will have full visibility into the running tallies, as well as who has voted and how (to prevent cheating).

Campaigning anywhere will result in immediate disqualification.

The polls will remain open from now through Sunday at noon (11-17 July).

Feel free to post any questions or concerns in this thread.
The results of this poll are hidden until it is manually edited by the user or site admin.


Isn’t this how they do elections in Russia? 🤪
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I know it's not great, but it's how we've always had to do it. We simply don't have a better way to both keep people's votes private (in order to prevent social pressures from influencing votes) and ensure that people aren't voting with shell accounts (this HAS happened to be clear).
We thought we should explain why we asked for additional nominations, before opening the poll. Although many Forum members voted this time around (70+), we received very few nominations. In fact, we didn’t initially have enough nominees to hold a meaningful election. The Admins discussed the problem and decided to open a second round of nominations. Thankfully, we ended up with a large enough slate to proceed.

With that said, the Admins have reviewed the final results and the election was very close. We’d like to thank everyone who participated, especially those who submitted nominations and agreed to be included on the slate. We would have happily worked with everyone who was nominated, But here is the final list of 2022 Advisory Panel members:


Congratulations to the new Panel!
I would say my DMs are the most welcoming just to complete the trifecta, but they very much aren't welcoming at all.
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Zachary won’t read your DMs. You aren’t important enough to speak with Zachary. Please be sure to direct all inquiries to one of his underlings.
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Please direct all concerns to our Complaints Department.

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